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Google Merchant Currency Conversion

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If you guys are not aware already, Google Merchant has a new feature which allows you to use currency conversion for targeting other countries (within the same language) or what is listed below


However a policy states that the landing page currency needs to be the same as the one that you are targeting. Now with Currency conversion this is not mentioned to be required.

This is a little confusing as this new feature conflicts with Google's Policy.


Can anyone shed some light on this, I'm about to do an experiment.

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Re: Google Merchant Currency Conversion

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the short answer is that the fundamental landing-page policy does not change.

first, currency-conversion is not yet supported in all target-countries
nor is currency-conversion supported between all potential currencies.

if currency-conversion is not yet supported in a target-country, or
in those target-countries where currency-conversion is supported,
if currency-conversion is not supported for a specific currency, or
currency-conversion is not configured or not configured properly,
then, the related policies do not change, at all -- and may actually
result in additional or previously unseen policy violations.

if currency-conversion is supported for a target-country, and
currency-conversion is supported for a specific currency, and
is properly configured within the merchant-center-account, and
the specific products that remain in the target-country submitted
data (feed) meet all other target-country policies -- especially
for delivery in a timely-manner -- then, and only then, may the
same price and currency information in the submitted data and on
the website landing-page, be used to target users in those specific,
different, target-countries.

the main savings is in not modifying submitted-data or landing-page for price.

the feature also helps prevent price-mismatch disapproval issues related to
automated currency-conversion on a site -- which is generally not allowed;
now, currency-conversion is no longer needed for those specific use-cases.

if currency-conversion is used, the price on the landing-page
and in the submitted product data must still match -- google
will simply display the converted price within the shopping-ad;
the landing-page and submitted-data do not need to change
for price/currency, but must still match.

essentially, the currency-conversion is a limited targeting-feature that
allows the same data to be displayed to multiple users differently in
different target-countries, automatically by google, assuming those
items can be delivered to those countries -- the submitted data must
still match the landing-page data, at all times.

generally, be certain that the physical product can be delivered to the
currency-converted target-country to avoid disapproval or suspension --
otherwise, those items should be entirely removed from the new target
country (feed) before configuring the currency-conversion-feature.

all other rules and policies remain for the registered feed
and submitted data with respect to a specific target-country --
e.g. all misrepresentation-of-product policies still apply.

Re: Google Merchant Currency Conversion

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Hello Celebird, thank you very much for the detailed explanation. All of this makes sense and I will now be able to do everything correct without any mistakes.

Thank you very much!
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Google Merchant Currency Conversion

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Thanks for sharing. How do you turn Currency Conversion on? Is it automatic?

Re: Google Merchant Currency Conversion

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first, this is a rather old thread -- posting a new question
when threads are more than a week or so old is usually best.

turning-on google's currency-conversion is not automatic.


there are two parts --

(a) currently, to turn-on google's currency-conversion-feature,
a multi-country-feed must be added, per supported country,
under the primary-feed, by using the primary-data-feed's
target-country settings.

(b) if the landing-page's language does not match google's supported-language
for the country, that the currency is being converted to, then a supplemental-feed
must (also) be created and submitted -- per-target-country -- that contains the
human-translation of the primary-feed-data (title, description, etc.).

also, if shipping for the multi-country-feed's target-country is not
set in the account, then the country's shipping details must also

be submitted, typically within the supplemental-feed.

note that there is no real data in a multi-country (currency-conversion) feed;
rather, the data is generated automatically, by google, from a combination
of the primary-feed data, the automated currency-conversion by google, and
any supplemental-feed/feed-rule containing the human-language-translation
of the primary-feed data.

this method tends to have limited performance over time --
since the shopping-ad (price, currency, and possibly language)

shown for other target-countries will not match the landing-page.

importantly, regardless of which option is chosen -- the landing-page details
must be identical for all users, regardless of where the user is physically
located and regardless of user-specific details, such as browser, user-agent,
device, ip-address, etc.