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Google Merchant Center: Shipping Rate Issues - "No rate available. The product is too heavy..."

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I am going through some of the errors and warnings on my account and am finding I have "missing shipping information" for 500+ items. Of the examples listed, most appear to have the error "No rate available. The product is too heavy to be delivered by the carrier."  These items are apparel and have a range of weights from 0.9lbs to 6lbs, but nothing outrageous that isn't perfectly capable of being shipping by USPS. Any ideas how to resolve this issue? 

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Google Merchant Center: Shipping Rate Issues - "No rate available. The product is too heavy..."

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Login to Google Merchant and report the issue in the top right corner

Alternatively create your own shipping rate that is accurate for your shipping products. You can create your own table of weight = price


Hope it helps.

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Google Merchant Center: Shipping Rate Issues - "No rate available. The product is too heavy..."

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I left feedback if that's what you mean by reporting it.


Maybe I haven't read enough about using rules to designate shipping rates but that seems overwhelming for an account with 12,000+ products. In theory the automated rates should be accurate and have worked fine for many years.


I'm still unsure why a product less than 2 lbs would trigger an error about being too heavy to deliver. It seems like this is an error in Google's system. Since this isn't disabling my products I'm just going to leave it be for now. Was just curious if anyone was aware of that type of error and what might cause it to come up.


Thanks anyway!




Google Merchant Center: Shipping Rate Issues - "No rate available. The product is too heavy..."

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generally, for carrier-calculated shipping, the basic messages are returned by
the carrier, to google, based on the information submitted and configured the
specific target-country -- google simply displays the messages from the carrier.

that message may also be displayed if the settings have changed, the items are
new, or the configured-settings cannot yet be applied to the item -- if so, simply
wait a few hours and be certain the information submitted and displayed within
the products-tab, when clicking on the item's title, is accurate and valid for the
exact item being submitted and falls within a range of configured shipping.

for example, a valid shipping_weight value must be accurate for the item
and should contain a number, space, and exact google-defined unit; e.g.
123.45 lb

also, for carrier-calculated-rates, some items may also require accurate and
valid, google-defined, values for the item's shipping_length, shipping_width,
and shipping_height -- in addition to shipping_weight; e.g.
1.23 in
4.56 in
7.89 in

for example, try adding such accurate values for one or two flagged items.

otherwise, as was indicated, certain types of items are not supported
by all carriers; if, after verifying proper and accurate shipping_length,
shipping_width, shipping_height, and shipping_weight, are being submitted,
for the item, waiting a few hours and resubmitting the feed, if the item is
still flagged, then simply configure a shipping-table, only for the outliers.

a rate-table may be used to group outliers based on shipping_weight
or shipping_label -- so only a few configured entries may be needed.

shipping is required and may be either exactly accurate or an overestimate.

otherwise, some types of items are simply not a good fit for shopping-ads,
should likely be removed from any submitted data, and may possibly be

advertised using other campaign-types or ad-formats.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --

posting more specific information, such as all submitted values from an item,

screen-captures of configured shipping and all processed data for an item from

the products-list-tab, after clicking on the item's title, may allow others to offer

more specific suggestions.

otherwise, a support-specialist at google may be contacted directly,

to look into the details, for account-specific assistance or guidance.


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