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We suddenly have the same issue, after 10 years successful online trading.


"Account suspended due to policy violation: checkout incomplete"


We list to 14 countries, with the UK being our home country.

Our site is

For each of the other 13 countries, replace www with ca,ch,de,dk,es,fi,fr,it,nl,no,pt,se or us.


Our human customers do not seem to have a problem, but Google claim they cannot crawl our checkout page.


Having spoke to a Google Help Desk person twice during the warning period, I was advised to not worry.


Of course, from them, it is best to do the opposite.


We now have to wait unless or until they ever let us know what the precise issue is in crawling the checkout page.


Any advice will be gratefully received.



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that specific scenario is verified to be fixed.


View solution in original post


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Please note that Google might have given you 1 suspension reason out of many, for example drop shipping is not allowed.


Checkouts are always checked manually, not via a crawler as far as I know.


1) Make sure that your servers are online 100% of the time

2) There is no IP blocking

3) Check server stats for any issues


Once everything is checked and working 100%, request for an approval :

Make sure when you request an approval that you are 100% sure, requesting an approval is limited, once exceeded a permanent suspension might be in place.


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also, the landing-page and entire checkout-flow

must be secure and in the language and currency

supported by google for the targeted-country.


the price and currency submitted for an item-offer,

displayed on the link landing-page, and shown during

e-commerce checkout, for the item-offer, must all be

exactly identical, for all users, at all times.


the landing-page must show identical information

to all users, at all times, regardless of any user

specific detail, such as ip-address, location, etc.


checkout-incomplete typically means that some part of the
checkout process is collecting some user information but
some of the checkout-flow pages are not https/ssl secure --
or some portion of the checkout data is incomplete or there
is a mismatch between what is submitted, displayed, or the

default add-to-cart details during checkout, especially with

respect to price, currency, or shipping/delivery cost details.

be certain the entire checkout-flow is entirely

https/ssl secure for all users in all locations.



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We have been listing via Merchant Center for many years without isue.

Every product link, for each country, is in the respective language and

We submit our products via Content API and also a sitemap.

Every product is available at the time of listing and we sub

I have no idea why they have suddenly deemed the checkout to be incomplete.

Google Help Desk say it has been elevated for further investigation but have
no idea themselves of the actual issue.

It was they that claim the checkut page is not crawlable although I find it
difficult to believe what they say as it varies each time.

They seem to be slaves to their systems and powerless to intervene.




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The whole site is secure and there is no inconsistency between what is added
to the cart and what appears in the cart.

Shipping option offered depend upon the shipping address entered etc. etc.

We offer 2 payment methods:

PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards

All secure.

On the basis we successfully (?) sell to customer in each of the countries,
in their respective currency, the concept of the process being incomplete
seems a nonsense.

The landing pages reflect the language and currency of the visitor.

They may change the language and/or currency if they wish.

Try it and see......


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first, you're welcome.

this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum -- forum-members can mainly
offer suggestions based on the information posted here in public;
forum-members do not have access to google's internal assessment
details and do not have access to any data submitted by merchants,

or a merchant's account or related histories with google.

(a) using the merchant-center successfully for any length of time,
including years, has no impact on policy issues; mentioning such

information to google simply delays any review in most cases.

(b) what is critical is the link submitted for the shopping-ad,
for the specific target-country, regardless of how the data is
submitted to google.

(c) sitemaps are rather irrelevant with respect to shopping-ads.

(d) yes, product availability must reflect what is submitted and reality,
with respect to both the merchant's website and on-hand physical stock.

(e) sudden policy-flags are not entirely unlikely -- google
does not check all aspects of all policies all the time;
google may review or re-review submitted data, images,
types of products being sold, the website, shopping-carts,
e-commerce checkout-flows, the business and business

practices, inventory, supply-chains, etc., at any time --

either by automated-systems or the policy-teams.

(f) google must be able to crawl the website and the site must
respond properly, to all google's crawl requests, at all times,
from all locations.

(g) front-line support tends to relay what the policy-teams have verified --
if a re-review has been requested and the policy-teams have verified what
the automated-systems have flagged, then typically the issue/violation
must be fixed, or the items removed as shopping-ads.

(h) consistency would begin from the inventory data being submitted --
unfortunately, forum-members do not have access to submitted-data;
consistency would need to continue through to e-commerce checkout
and the entire checkout-flow would need to be secure, typically based
on the latest ssl/tls standards and security updates.

(i) shipping, set in the merchant-center-account or submitted to google,
must be either exactly accurate or an overestimate for all users within
the target-country and must be in a currency supported by google for
the targeted country.

(j) unfortunately, successfully selling to customers in each of the targeted
countries, in their respective currency, does not at all indicate that all
google's current policies are being followed with respect to shopping-ads.

(k) for example, and importantly perhaps, the landing-page cannot

reflect the language and currency of the visitor -- that is not allowed

with respect to shopping-ads and is grounds for the removal of all

items from the shopping-ad auctions, disapproval, or a suspension

from the program, at any time.

the landing-page must be identical, for all users and all visitors,
in all locations, for all locales, regardless of any user-specific
detail, such as location, ip-address, browser, user-agent, device,
locale details, last-visit details, etc.


related, automatic currency-conversion and automated,

machine-language translation are generally not allowed --

items must use fixed-prices in a supported currency, and

human-language translation in a supported language, for

the country being targeted for shopping-ads.

posting more specific information, here in the public forum, such
as specific screen-captures of all final-attributes, including the link
landing-page url, from the products-list-tab, by clicking on the item's
title; the exact, specific, output of all attributes and values of an api

insert, and all the response data from google, for one or two items;

the specific wording of the original suspension email and any related

follow-up emails from google -- minus any personal or private information --

etc., may allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, the best likely course is to continue working directly with google.



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Sorry, I did reply by email but it seems to be lost.


Here's the reply:


"Hello Celebird and thanks for the comprehensive reply and info.


Prior to the suspension, we had just under 5000 products Approved x 14 countries.


Obviously there are now Nil approved products.


Of all the submissions, there were just 27 (3 products x 9) disapproved, due to Google claiming an incorrect GTIN.


We WERE pretty pleased until the Checkout warning arrived a week ago.


I immediately contacted Google to ask what is the specific issue and drew a blank.


The advice was: “Don’t worry, it will probably be rectified when next checked”


Of course, it was not and our account is suspended.


I find it concerning that no one was able to advise the actual issue when I first contacted them.


Hence, slaves to their systems.


The landing pages have never been a problem and neither, in 10 years, has the checkout process been.


Here is the relevant text of the suspension notice:


Your Merchant Center account has been suspended, and your products no longer appear on Google Shopping. Note that a suspension notification is also displayed in your Merchant Center account. In addition, related Merchant Center accounts may also be suspended.
– Policy violations to fix
Your Merchant Center account (4footyfans, ID: 123456789) is in violation of the following policies:

Checkout incomplete:

Content that is unnecessarily difficult or frustrating to navigate.


For details, please visit


Suggestions to fix this issue:

Ensure that users are able to complete the full checkout process on your site using any provided payment methods, without errors, including confirmation of the purchase after completing the checkout process.



I and others have made test purchases from the UK.


Relatives in Australia and USA have done likewise.


Each was successful, although 2 using Chrome experienced longer than average transitions.


Otherwise, it is only Google who seem to have any issue, so I am none the wiser as they seem unwilling or unable to be any more specific.


I have requested a review but asked for more information rather than confirmed anything fixed.






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first, you're welcome and thank you for the added information.

yes, a single suspension may be for multiple issues.

for example, any incorrect global-trade-data can be a rather serious policy
issue, if the flagged-issues were not corrected in a timely manner, or the
items were not removed from the listings until a correction could be sent.

since the most recent issues seem to be related to --
content that is unnecessarily difficult or frustrating to
navigate, and ensuring that users are able to complete
the full-checkout-process, on the site, using the provided
payment methods, without errors, including confirmation,
of the purchase after completing the checkout process --
the best likely course is to first ask google for examples
or samples of issues/links that triggered the policy-flag,
before any request for a review/reinstatement.

generally, there are a limited number of review/reinstatement requests
allowed by the policy-teams and there is usually a limited time frame
given to resolve a violation -- reinstatements are typically given only
after a reinstatement/review request is submitted that explains exactly

what changes were made to fix the flagged-issue and the policy-teams

verify the fixes.

posting, here in public, a few specific link url's that were submitted
for a specific target-country, with the submitted price, currency,
and shipping-cost, may allow other forum-members to also navigate
the cart and checkout, and possibly offer more specific suggestions.

also, be certain that any test-purchases were made,
using the exact url links that were submitted to google --
two chrome-users experiencing longer than average
transitions, sounds like a related issue.

otherwise, continuing to work with google is the best likely course.



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Sorry, Walter.


What do you mean?