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Google Merchant Account Suspension

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Hello Support Team,


Account ID : <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>


We understand google made some policy which needs to be followed by everyone but challenge is when we more than 1,00,000 products feeds it difficult to fulfill all requirements suggested by google policy as many vendor not provide all products information. 


Our google merchant account suspended and shown some errors in merchant center however products uploading task is an ongoing task so sometimes its quite difficult to track it. As per discussion with your specialist, I have uploaded new feeds also but, still accounts its not active.


Idle google should exclude automatically products that not meet google standards rather than suspending merchants account as when we have more than 5,00,000 products on website that time its difficult to meet all products standard information.


I hope you understand my concern and activate my account or provide us solution asap.




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Re: Google Merchant Account Suspension

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the support team may be contacted here --

this is mainly a peer-to-peer community help forum --
forum-members cannot look into feed data or accounts.

generally, a best-practice is to thoroughly read all policies
with respect to submitted data, site, and physical items --
before submitting any product inventory data to google;
google will not simply automatically exclude items that
violate the existing policies.

any one item violating the policies, within the
submitted data or on the website, can result
in a disapproval or a suspension from the

program, at any time.


only items that are currently in a merchant's on-hand physical

inventory are allowed to be submitted as in stock -- however,
there is absolutely no requirement to submit all inventory items;
submitting only critical high-performing, in stock, items is allowed.

the best likely course is to simply recontact the support-specialist
at google who is currently handling the case, for help and guidance.


that said, depending on the violation issue,

some suspensions are simply permanent.

see also

Re: Google Merchant Account Suspension

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If large amount of products are difficult to manage, than I suggest only listing your top sellers. Or an x amount of products. Due to the complexity of Google's requirements and policies it's not easy to ensure all 100 thousand products are correct.

Each product has its own requirements, an t-shirt requires different attributes from a smarthphone cover etc...

It is worth your time to list your top sellers and start with submitting a test feed if you are using XML / spreadsheet. Than once the errors are gone submit a live feed and than request a re approval.

Having dealt with customers with huge lists, it is well worth the effort first listing the top sellers in actual sales. than move on.

Regardless of my suggestion, you do have to manage the data feed to ensure there are no errors. There is nothing you can do to avoid this. Plus having no errors in the data feed will also improve your data feed quality score.

Hope it helps.
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Re: Google Merchant Account Suspension

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Hello Emmanuel ,

Thanks for the valuable feedback. I will go with your suggestion.

Re: Google Merchant Account Suspension

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Hello Celebird,

Thanks for the response.