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Google Merchan Account help And Advice Please

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Hi, im brand new to google merchant, I have been trying to fill in the data feed as I want to individually put products on, all I get are error, I sell lingerie and clothing as well as other items which I dont want listed. I am trying to list the lingerie, but I am not fully understanding the exact format which is right for the data sheet. I am UK based. Is there any chance that someone could just post a demo of how it should look, I am not bothering with items with variations at the moment, just need to start simple.

I would really appreciate any advice or help.

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Google Merchan Account help And Advice Please

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(a) this will indicate the basic requirements --

(b) this will indicate the basic requirements for the website --


generally, there should be one, single, item

with one, single, price on the landing-page.

(c) this table will indicate what goes in the spreadsheet itself,
based on the type (category) of physical item being submitted --
note that attribute is simply another word for column (heading)
and apparel (clothing) and apparel accessories (jewelry) have
specific requirements -- regardless of variants.


also, since lingerie was mentioned, most lingerie items

usually require an adult attribute with a value of TRUE


if the website generally targets adults then, the mature setting must

also be set in the account -- regardless of what is or is not submitted.

(d) requirements for each item (spreadsheet row) are indicated here --

spreadsheet instructions, examples, and supported formats, are here --

generally, be certain that all the required attributes (column headings)
exist in the spreadsheet for the type of item being submitted, have all
valid values, and no quotation-marks are seen within the saved .txt

tab-delimited file (check the .txt file in a browser window).


usually, edit the spreadsheet in its raw format, and then re-save as .txt;
the spreadsheet should be re-saved and submitted as tab-delimited --
unless a google-docs sheet was registered during initial feed setup.


also, check the quoted-fields settings for the feed within the merchant-center.

be certain there is only one feed registered and use the same feed
for all updates (all changes, all deletions, all additions) -- any missing
item in the feed is considered a delete and google tracks items by id.

a best-practice is to model id values after a sku --

be certain each id value never changes for the
physical item once assigned in the spreadsheet;

e.g. p1235, abc123, etc., and is unique per item.


all data submitted (but especially titles and descriptions) must use

standard (english) capitalization rules -- all caps are not allowed.

as a side note, for apparel, be certain that the brand submitted in the feed
is the manufacturer's brand, not the store's brand; if a brand does not exist
then submit an identifier_exists (column) with a value of FALSE for that item.

the store's brand is set in the account-settings, not the feed (spreadsheet).

also, be certain the inventory is not already being submitted
from another site or marketplace (e.g. ebay, etsy, etc.) --

note that there other rules, policies, and recommendations --

also, indicating the exact error, exact spreadsheet being used,

and other details, here in the public forum, may allow others

to offer more specific suggestions.

see also


Re: Google Merchan Account help And Advice Please

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Thank you very much for the amount of information you have given me Celebird. It is no easy task as a beginner, there is alot of information to digest.