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Google Leaves Behind the Programmer/Marketer/Affiliate For Big Box!

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If you have fifteen years or more of programming/Markteting/Affflate experience it should  prompt a response for an award,  not a suspension.  Weed out the affiliate spammers keep the affiliate experts. Not everyone wants to work for wasteful, overvalued companies; such as, Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes.
RE: Post By Stan
hah 'most affiliates dont meet the requiremnts'... i've heard so many times google say 'affiliates are bad user experience'. Why do you think that reading reviews and comments with the right disclosure before buying something is bad user experience? Thats what we all do before we buy stuff.
i got this from adwords "I asked them what you could do to fix the issues and they told me to have you remove these bridging links {links}" (thats on a website with many pages and only 4 affiliate links)
Tell me why reading a review with a link at the end is bad but reading the same review without a link and a text that says 'if you wish to buy, please open a new tab, go to google, search for the same thing but click on a different link" is okay?
I know why google thinks its bad user experience... because they want to discourage people from doing affiliate marketing and thus force the brands to reach out and use google sponsorship.

this shows your idea of good user experience.... a cra**y link with a fat price tag on it.... in truth, affiliates like me and probably the person who started this topic offer better user experience than you guys... because we offer opinions, comments and ideas and we inform the people about the items they are about to buy.... and your idea of user experience is a link with a big price tag.
If this sponsored add is considered like an adwords add, then you are not even following your own rules... you make these policies that you do not follow and enforce them on us in attempt to deny us traffic... thats gaming the system on itself.
Google is so big that if i say every bit of info goes thru you it would probably be true. That means your priorities should extend beyond money. I dont mind you doing your own affiliate marketing but please, allow us to compete with you instead of shutting us off.
P.S. - another amazing thing was google saying "why should you visit a website that talkes about another website instead of just visiting that website" and the answer is because people want to learn more and most of the merchant websites simply dont offer much beyound prices and basic details... so please dont use that to cover up your low quality, poor user experience, bridge (because the sponosred add is just a bridge to the merchant without any additional info) affiliate marketing.

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December 2015

Re: Google Leaves Behind the Programmer/Marketer/Affiliate For Big Box

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Hi Troy,
Up until about 2013 I was an affiliate and pretty good one at that.

Googles policies change frequently and I saw some research done at the time that showed that even "good" affiliate sites were seen as a bad user experience by the users in the study. AdWords changed its policy to make it clear, on the back of this I assume, that if the purpose of your website is to drive traffic to another site, it's a bad user experience and they want nine of it. Leaving aside the advertisers like and and those other awful site that show a bit of hypocrisy, for the mere mortal advertiser, if your business model is injecting yourself into the sales cycle, Google doesn't want to know.

You can complain, Lord knows I did, or you can find a loophole and squeeze into an ever narrowing set of policies until the next round of updates closes the loophole. Or, you can just accept that affiliate marketing through AdWords is no longer a viable business model. This is the route I chose and I'm glad I did. You're not going to win this one I'm afraid. One thing I've learned about Google over the years is that they don't care at all about chopping off a large set of advertisers if it will improve the user experience for their customers. The Joe soap searcher.

On the bright side, I've found that the experience I gained in affiliate marketing with AdWords has led me down a path where instead of offering that service for an affiliate network who will take a cut, I can do it for the merchants themselves as a vendor. Essentially cutting out the middleman. It's a lot more work but a lot more profitable and sustainable...and I was a pretty heavy hitter in the paid search affiliate world for a period Smiley Wink

You're not going to win this one. I see posts like this every month of every year. I feel your frustration. I made a similar post myself many moons ago. But the sooner you accept that it's not going to change, the sooner you'll move to the next phase and trust me, it's better.

The barrier to entry is so incredibly low for the Google Partner program but there's a massive demand for good paid search folks out there.

You're not a loser here. You have an extremely valuable and sought after skill.

Re: Google Leaves Behind the Programmer/Marketer/Affiliate For Big Box

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Thanks Dave_Davis. Your right, I guess, sometimes its hard to see clear when so much hard work seems to go down the drain. Very nice of you.  Thank you for taking the time to respond.