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Google Feed

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Is there a problem with the Google feed this morning? None of my products are being submitted to Google but they are submitted to Bing.  

Re: Google Feed

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Hi Matt,


I haven't experienced any problems today with uploads, however, this may have been caused by an interruption in the upload of your feed.


Can you let me know what your upload method is?

What the outcome states?

Are any errors being shown in your Google Merchant Center account?


Finally, have you tried to upload again since this?


If this or an alternative post has provided you the answer you require, "please accept as solution" to further assist and direct others.





Re: Google Feed

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My feed is working as I have tested it in the feed software and there items ready to be picked up. I did try deleting the feed and uploaded it again and still nothing. This has been working everyday for eh past two years without an issue.

This is all that debugger says
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<rss version='2.0' xmlns:dotfeed='' dotfeed:itemCount='18664' dotfeed:convertProcessor='DotFeed.Processor.GoogleProductSearch.GoogleProductSearchConvert, DotFeed.Processor.GoogleProductSearch'>