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Google Feed + MAP policies

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Hello, hoping someone can offer some help...


I sell a lot of items that are subject to Minimum Advertised Price policies from the supplier/manufacturer. Basically you're not allowed to have anything below a certain MSRP advertised, with some exceptions - that's why you see the 'add this item to cart to see sale price' stuff on Newegg and other big sites like that.


The issue is I've got item disapprovals for incorrect prices on those items. Google policy says the sale price must be displayed on the landing page and clicking a button to reveal it is not good enough. We're using the [sale_price] tags but it doesn't matter.


So my question is: is there any way to work this out? I see the 'add to cart' method being used by huge websites that are advertising on Google (and reporting the links doesn't really do anything at all) such as Newegg, Walmart, etc. so in order to compete with them I have to offer the item at less than MSRP. However, by doing so I risk suspension because of price inaccuracies.


I tried to search for this issue in here and all I saw was years old thread that didn't really seem to have any resolution. At this point my choices seem to be 1) violate MAP and risk the manufacturer not selling to me, 2) violate Google policy and risk account suspension, 3) sell them at MSRP (which is pointless) or 4) de-list those MAP items from Google - none of which are very appealing. Kinda surprising there's no way to reconcile this with Google as MAP has been around for a while now and given that big companies seem to disregard Google advertising policies (Newegg for example is making multiple AdWords accounts to list the same item multiple times, I reported them and was given a very unhelpful form response from a foreign land) it seems stifling to small businesses. Any thoughts/ideas? 

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Re: Google Feed + MAP policies

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that cogent assessment concerning map-based pricing
models and product-listing-ads seems accurate and
the associated rules and policies have not changed
with respect to price and landing-page.

at one time, submitting msrp with the merchant-promotions-program
did allow for such items to be listed with the appropriate discounted
price being displayed, depending on the details of the ad.

Google Feed + MAP policies

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That is a violation, which falls under double serving policy. You can not submit the same product more than once. If you do, you will get suspended.

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