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Google Double Standard Practices on Google Shopping

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First, I would like to give you little info about our company. is a marketplace just like ebay, ecrater, bonanza etc. where indivual sellers sell their own products.


Now let me tell you about the Google Double Standard Practices. As you all know Google displays reviews on Google Shopping from third party websites such as, trustpilot etc. What Google doing is that they are displaying those reviews for all our seller`s items on Google Shopping results wheter or not any of that seller was involved in that transaction. For example, buyer A purchased an item from seller A and let`s say transaction does not go the way buyer A expected. And then buyer A goes to and writes a bad review. Now Google display that review on our every seller`s items on Google Shopping which seller B, seller C and so on has nothing to do with that transaction. But when it`s comes to ebay or ecrater or bonanza, Google don`t display any reviews from third party websites for their seller`s items on Google Shopping and that`s double standard. If you have a policy, force that policy to overyone or every company.


Check ebay reviews at or eCrater reviews at , now search any products sold by ebay seller or ecrater seller on Google Shopping. When you click on seller rating or review link on Google Shopping, you will not see any reviews from but if you search products sold by sellers, you will see the reviews from on our every seller`s item.


Funny thing is that for over 2 and half years they did not display those reviews on our seller`s items on Google Shopping. They started to display them couple months ago, so I called the merchant center and they were agreed with me and stop displaying the reviews. Now they started to display them again. So I called the merchant center again couple days ago. This time, they told me that there is nothing they can do and the reviews from third party websites continue to display for all our seller`s items. Go figure...

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Re: Google Double Standard Practices on Google Shopping

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generally, the collection and display of ratings
and reviews is rather automatic and algorithmic.

for marketplaces, be certain that per-seller ratings have been
properly implemented on the site and google can access the
individual seller-ratings; if a third-party is being used, verify
that individual ratings are linked back to the marketplace --
otherwise, without the proper per-seller information the
overall marketplace reviews may be linked automatically
to google-shopping results.

also, be certain that the mutli-client-account handling
each individual-seller has all the proper information
so each rating can be properly assigned to each seller.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to re-contact google directly.


Re: Google Double Standard Practices on Google Shopping

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Okay but when we contacted to Google, nobody ever say anything about what you are saying. So how can we implement the per-seller ratings? We could not find any info about this on Google.