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Google Disapproved my product feed for violation while same products are already promoted

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I have tried my luck to contact and get a response from Google merchant support team but never got any reply so I thought this is the best place to get me problem resolved or get an answer.


I submitted my feed on January 2nd and my feed url is here:


My feed contains knives and hunting gears and equipment as my competitors are promotion the same SKUs on Google Shopping through the same procedure and they are there since years and promoting the same products. But Google disapproved all my products saying that your feed contains "dangerous products/knives". 


I sent them an email to review my feed again as other suppliers are promoting the same products and I also sent them Google Shopping search result page's links. 



Is there dual standards for new comers? Does Google have double standards? How can they sell and new comers cannot? 


I want someone from Google Merchant Team explain this to me? 




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Google Disapproved my product feed for violation while same products are already promoted

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This is a public forum, where Google does not respond to any queries. This forum is for other merchants, freelancers, agencies to help each other.


Google has a manual and automated review system where not everything gets detected at the same time. Google does review new accounts checked against the latest policies, hence why you are having this issue.


New policies are introduced at a regular basis, so existing merchants might be able to advertise for a while, but will ultimately be suspended if in violation.


To read more about your suspension reason, please read here :


As Google makes all decisions, there is not much we forum members can help you with.


I recommend if there is a merchant violation Google's policies to report them here :


Hope it helps.

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