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Google DataFeed for Canada

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I am Having products in dollar. and i want to upload data feed for canada. can it be possible.

when I upload data feed then it says error that the price should be in the same currency of country you are targeting. means i cant upload product price in dollar for canada.

But i cant change the currency.

Also let me know that if i select target country USA for uploading products with dollar price. So there will be any issue in google searching for products in canada, because i have select target country as USA.

Please someone help, and provide me solution..

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Re: Google DataFeed for Canada

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first the website (link landing-page, e-commerce checkout, etc.)
must conform to all the rules and policies of the specific,

registered, data-feed's target-country; then, a specific and
separate data-feed must be created that exactly matches
the data on the website (link landing-page) for that country.

the same data-feed or the same website link landing-page
cannot be used to target more than one, single, country.

each target-country has specific language, currency,
tax, and related rules and policies for the website.

in addition, there are specific delivery and other rules
and policies for each target-country that must be met
before registering and creating a feed for that country.


after the website and physical delivery policies of the

target-country have been met, simply register a new

data-feed for that target-country and create a separate

data-feed that matches the website link-landing page

information and conforms to google's policies, for that

specific target-country.


each target-country must have a separate link landing-page

and separate registered data-feed (file) for that target-country.


importantly, the separate data-feeds (files) must have unique

and separate id values for each item; e.g. if the current id for

an item is abc123, a registered feed (file) for canda might use



generally, a new shopping-campaign within adwords,

specifically for the new target-country, is also created --

after the website is ready but before that country's feed

is submitted within the merchant-center.

currently, details are here:

see also