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Google Customer Reviews & Shopper Approved

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We currently have Shopper Approved for collection or Product Reviews as well as Store Reviews.


Will GCR eliminate the need for Shopper Approved Store Ratings? I am asking because the code implementation for the 'Confirmation" page is required. Currently, Shopper Approved holds that spot and it would be overwhelming to have to opt-in requests for customers at of order completion.

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Google Customer Reviews & Shopper Approved

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Can someone please answer this?

Re: Google Customer Reviews & Shopper Approved

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the google-customer-reviews-program may eliminate the need for a third-party
reviews-system, in the sense that google-customer-reviews are added to the
count of ratings required for seller-ratings to appear with shopping-ads.

(1) product reviews/ratings and seller reviews/ratings are separate programs.

(2) seller reviews/ratings are collected from a variety of sources.

(3) both the google-customer-reviews-program and shopper-approved are currently
two sources of data, that google collects, and may be added to count, for the 150

unique seller-reviews, from the past 12 months, requirement -- before such data

will begin to appear.

(4) yes, the opt-in-feature is required for google-customer-reviews and is
required for all users that checkout, and must be on the merchant's website,
on a secure ssl/https page -- typically, the last page of the checkout-flow --
on the confirmation-page.

google-customer-reviews can certainly work in combination other
third-party reviews-systems -- but the final decision is rather
up to the individual merchant.

for any related issues or follow-up questions concerning the
customer-reviews-program, google may be contacted directly --