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Google Customer Reviews: Changing survey language from "product" to "service"?

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We offer a service where the customer books an appointment online. I can definitely place the survey module on our confirmation page, but am worried that the language used in the survey opt-in (i.e. "product", "delivery date", etc.) would confuse our customers since they're not ordering a product.


Is there a way around this? Any customization?

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Google Customer Reviews: Changing survey language from "product" to "service"?

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google-customer-reviews explicitly allows the selling of a service.

the purchase of a good or service, on a website, is required;
the checkout-flow must include an order-confirmation-page --
the survey opt-in is required to be displayed to all customers.

google-customer-reviews are mainly for customers to respond with feedback,
of their purchase-experiences within the verified and claimed website domain.

estimated_delivery_date is required for the product or service offered --
for a service, the estimated_delivery_date should reflect the expected
time that the service will be consumed, after purchase.

generally, google coordinates the sending of
the survey using the estimated_delivery_date.

the estimated_delivery_date should accurately
reflect the user's consumption of the offer --
so that a customer is sent the survey and may
respond only after receiving a good or service.


there is no documented way around the estimated_delivery_date requirements
and there is no documented customization of the opt-in survey requirements
related to the purchase of the product or service.

that said, this is mainly a peer-to-peer community forum --

google-customer-reviews support may be contacted directly: