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Google Analytics cannot edit Product Linking even with Admin rights

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Hi there,


I have got 'edit, collaborate, read and analyse' right to my company's Google Analytics account but when I log in I cannot see the options for Product linkage like adwords /adsense linking in my admin panel.


I would like to link my Adwords account to this GA profile but can someone advise why I cannot see the 'linking' options?



Re: Google Analytics cannot edit Product Linking even with Admin right

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To link adwords with Google analytics first of all


Instructions for linking AdWords and Google Analytics

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the "Billing, Account settings, and Help" menu (), then choose Linked accounts.
  3. Under "Google Analytics," click View details.
  4. You'll see a list of Google Analytics properties to which you have access. Click Set up link next to the property you want to link to AdWords.
    • If you've already linked a property, you'll see Edit instead of Set up link.
    • If you don't see one or more of your Analytics properties, check that you have "Edit" permissions to those properties using the instructions above.
  5. Now you'll see one of the two screens described below:
    • If the property you chose only has one view, you'll see the name of that view. Under it, choose whether or not to import site engagement metrics.
    • If the property has multiple views, you'll see a list of the views from this property that you can link. There are two settings:
      • Link: Link as many views as you'd like. This will make AdWords click and cost data available in Analytics, and Analytics goals and transactions available in AdWords.
      • Import site metrics: (Recommended) Choose one view from which to import site engagement metrics. While this is optional, we recommend choosing one view that will be used to show site engagement metrics in the Google Analytics reporting columns of your account. If your AdWords account is used by an AdWords manager account (MCC) that has linked to this property, you'll also see a column showing which views are linked to that manager account.
  6. Click Save.

To know more visit -


Hope that helps.




Re: Google Analytics cannot edit Product Linking even with Admin right

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Hi Kaushik,


Thanks for your reply. In fact I have read through similar instructions already on Google but still I cannot see anything except 'Property Setting' under the Admin-->'Property' panel of Google Analytics.


Below is a screenshot of my GA access right (actually what does it mean for items that are greyed out vs those that are not greyed out even though I have checked all of them?):


Below is what I see in my Google Analytics Admin interface:



Sincerely look forward to your help.


Re: Google Analytics cannot edit Product Linking even with Admin right

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To provide more info, the same Google Analytics property was linked to another adwords account. Would like to know if it is the case that one GA property can only be linked to one adwords account?

Nevertheless, I have removed the original Adwords linkage from the GA property but still cannot link this new adwords account which I have Admin access already together with full access rights on GA as seen in the screenshot I shared.

And the new adwords account I am planning to link with GA is a manager shell of some sub-accounts, would this be a problem?