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Google Adwords GeoIP Currency Issue

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Hi all,


We have a client who is using Google Adwords and Google Merchant Centre. They run a Magento website with the ability for users to see the prices in different currencies (although all payments are always taken in GBP).


There was a plugin installed (this is currently disabled) which detected the customers IP address and changed the currency of the website to the most relevant currency. For example, if someone visited from the UK, all prices would be shown in GBP, but if a user visited from France, they would see the EURO price.


Unfortunately, this plugin then started causing issues with the Google Merchant Centre feeds. The client has multiple feeds setup for different countries, but when Google was crawling the UK Feed, they would detect a mismatch in price. We found out that this was because Google was crawling the website from a US IP address and the GeoIP module was then converting all prices to USD which then differed from the feed which Google was looking at.


That then lead onto further issues where Google were threatening to (and I believe at one point did) disable the account for each currency.


In order to resolve the issue, we had a couple of questions:


a) Is there an IP range that we can add to the website so the GeoIP system can be excluded from changing the currency for Google bots?




b) Is there something that can be done on our end to stop the Google Crawler getting confused when it views the website?


Any help on this would be appreciated.




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Re: Google Adwords GeoIP Currency Issue

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(a) no;
(b) use url-parameters or a separate landing-page for the link.

changing any landing-page data based on ip-address,
user-agent, or any other such user-specific information,
is expressly forbidden by the policies.

the link landing-page must show identical information for all users
and all google's crawlers, regardless of any such external information --
such as ip-address, user-agent, or where a user or crawler may be
physically located.

a common method used to conform to google's policies,
is to submit a link attribute with url parameters that will

exactly specify the correct and proper landing-page details --

such as language, price, and currency -- with respect to the

(registered feed's) target-country; then, a server-side script

handles the details;



or, by submitting separate landing-pages;



or, by using separate top-level domains (, .au, .com, .fr, .de, etc.) --
however, that requires a multi-client-account with separate website claims,

and a landing-page still could not change based on user-specific information.