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Goal Optimised Shopping Campaign Underspending

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Hi all, I have recently implemented the Goal Optimised Shopping Campaign and it's heavily underspending. I have reduced the ROAS target by 50% and still no difference. 

It is working, so we are very keen to let it rip - any suggestions how to get this spending? 

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Goal Optimised Shopping Campaign Underspending

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Hi Jennifer,


Automated bidding strategies should only be used if there is lots of data for them to work from, such as conversions. If you don't have these (ie a new campaign), change to manual bidding until you do.


Or just wait. It can take many weeks for automated bidding strategies to deliver their best.


Goal Optimised Shopping Campaign Underspending

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Hi, thanks for the reply. No this is an advertiser with thousands of conversions with traditional shopping. This isn’t a basics query.

Merchant feeds are fine, roas lowered, more than sufficient assets and data. Just wondering if there are any known  issues above and beyond the obvious. Google are investigating and can’t find why either right now 😐

Goal Optimised Shopping Campaign Underspending

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if underspending does not impact a business-goal,
then not changing anything and allowing google to
continue to function, with carefully monitoring,
may be the best course.

generally, a goal-optimized-shopping-campaign will typically underspend
based on either the overall product-set, or return-on-ad-spend targets.

(a) the target is set too high, such that google's automated
machine-learning-algorithms cannot effectively or accurately
meet the spend amount with respect to the budget data.

for (a) consider both not changing the budget for a time,
and reducing the targets, even further, for enough time
to allow google to make the appropriate adjustments.

(b) the current set of products, within the automated-campaign,
does not effectively reflect the historic set of products and data,
that were part of the original set of shopping-campaign products,
that existed prior to the automated-campaign's start.

if the product-set is too disparate, or the current data-set is too
statistically skewed from the original data-set, google's automated
machine-learning systems tend to not be able to accurately or

optimally calculate the spend required to meet a goal.

for (b) consider using a more reflective set of products, as
compared to the original, pre-automated, shopping-campaign.

also, be certain there were no significant changes within the website,
or in submitted-data, such that the current information is inaccurate,
or too skewed, with respect to the historic-data, on which the targets
and spend calculations are based.

however, with machine-learning-based features, changing anything
can adversely effect the results, especially early-on and the more
definitive, positive or negative, results may not be accurately reflected
until the learning-systems have enough time to settle -- usually on the
order of weeks, sometimes months.

a best-practice is to always carefully monitor the results, before, during,
and after any such change, and have enough of an overall marketing-budget
in place, to sustain a possible loss until google's algorithms have a chance
to learn effectively, over time, and to potentially readjust the change.


Goal Optimised Shopping Campaign Underspending

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Yep, just wait. Google recommends giving it 6 weeks (in general, not specifically for Shopping), to see it working at its best.


Goal Optimised Shopping Campaign Underspending

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No it recommends 21 days. 

Goal Optimised Shopping Campaign Underspending

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Depends who you talk to. Our rep says 6 weeks, and this was reiterated at a Shopping conference recently. There is no magic number, it comes down to how fast the data comes in. If you are getting one click a week it will take years.


The 6 weeks was mentioned more in a "give it 6 weeks and if results aren't better, give up" way.