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Getting size right for unisex shoes

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Is there a recommended guideline for submitting sizes of shoe's that are considered unisex?  


If a shoe's size_system is 'US' then the actual size changes based on gender.  A woman's 9 isn't the same as a men's 9.  Is there anyway to submit a gender as unisex and also note which gender to use for the 'US' size_system?  


Should I just pick a gender, even if a shoe is considered unisex, so that the size system can be accurately determined? 


If I'm missing an easy solution to this my apologies, I haven't had much luck searching for this specific issue.  

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Re: Getting size right for unisex shoes

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Hi Celeb,

Please find below the links about "Products Feed Specification" and you can get your Products Size related issue. Please change the country as per you and you will get the content related to your country.

Products Feed Specification

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Re: Getting size right for unisex shoes

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yes, simply pick a gender and submit an accurate size for that gender
that is also recognized by google, for shoes, and the size_system; e.g.

15 wide

size_system will default to the (registered feed's) target-country --
and should (be changed to) accurately reflect submitted size data.


similarly, an age_group must be submitted that accurately

reflects the target-market the product was designed to fit.

generally, google does not have a concept of unisex
shoes with respect to their left-hand-side features.

unisex should likely be added to the title or description.

of course, google may be contacted directly for account-specific guidance.

see also