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Getting error -"Missing Required Attribute - Price"

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Hi there, 

For the past few days , I am having trouble with my Google Merchant account. Initially, all products of mine were active and I was almost ready to start my ads. But suddenly all of them went from active to disapproved. When I checked the error in diagnostics it says "Missing Required Attribute - Price" and all my products in feed begin to show $0 as the price. Please note that all my products are on shopify store synced with the google shopping app for automatic update on the feed. And obviously none of them were set at $0 price. 

Now when I went to talk to google support they told me that everything is fine from their side and it's the shopify app that is not allowing them to fetch the price attribute. And told me to contact them

However when I contacted shopify , they told me that their technical team have double checked and their app is just fine. They even told me that they tested with google's own tool "Data Structure" and it showed no errors and the pricing attribute was showing up clearly and accurately there as you can see in the screenshot they shared So they are suggesting again and I quote "

All of those products passed, showing no errors so it looks like the GMC account is wrong or is not accounting for something. You will want to get back in touch with Google about this an tell them that their own Data Tool shows no errors.

Google looks at all the data and then sorts it on their own so they will need to explain why they are no seeing the price when their own tool does



So as you can see for the past seven days both shopify and google are treating me as a tennis ball with their blame shots. Also I have raised the complaint and was promised by google that they would look into this and reply me within 48 hours . However it's been over that and I am still waiting for their reply. I hope someone can provide help here. Thanks 

PS - I tried deleting the google shopping app and re installing again with no gain. And manually updating is also not an option for me to consider . 

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Getting error -"Missing Required Attribute - Price"

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First of, diagnostics errors and warnings can stay in the account for 30 days, even if you have fixed it.

Second, check under Products > lists if the products submitted prices are correct.


If the data submitted is wrong, you need to show Shopify that there is an issue.


The image you shared is micro data, which has nothing to do with the data feed. As they are completely different.


Your first task is to find out where the problem is, which is by looking at the submitted data and validate the accuracy.


Hope it helps.


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