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GTIN requirements second hand / vintage branded handbags

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Thanks for looking.


I've been asked to supply GTINs for the second hand designer handbags we supply.


Most are by designer brands like Chanel, Dior, LV etc. We source from individuals and all are second hand and most are 15 / 20 years old.


I don't have the GTIN numbers for 99% of these items. Most people have long ago thrown away the original box containing the serial sticker (if in fact they had any).


I've checked the EAN search ( ), and they have 2 GTINs for Chanel bags and these are incorrect items sold on Amazon.


Any ideas? Is there a "N/A" option for vintage branded handbags?  


Or does this situation mean these items can no longer be listed on Google shopping.


Thanks for your help.




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Re: GTIN requirements second hand / vintage branded handbags

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if the proper, valid, global-trade-data (gtin, brand, mpn) for an item
ever existed then, proper, valid, global-trade-data must be submitted --
the age or condition of the item does not matter.

otherwise, such an item must be removed and cannot be submitted,
until the proper, valid, manufacturer-assigned, global-trade-data has
been located and can be properly submitted.

global-trade-data is mainly a legal designation that allows an exact,
specific, product to be identified and tied to a specific manufacturer --
all merchants selling that item must submit identical global-trade-data,
regardless of the item's age or condition.

however, if the proper, valid, global-trade-data (gtin, brand, mpn),

for an item, never existed (never assigned by the manufacturer)

then, simply submit the identifier_exists attribute with an exact

value of FALSE and do not submit gtin, do not submit mpn, and

do not submit any brand values, for that item.

a value must be either valid or, not submitted, at all -- global-trade-data,
and most all values submitted to google, can never contain a placeholder --
such as n/a, none, unknown, does not apply, not found, etc.

otherwise, the items can be disapproved or the merchant and all related
accounts can be (permanently) suspended from the program, at any time.


as an aside, all vintage, second-hand, or similar, items

must be submitted with a condition of used; or, is also

grounds for a disapproval or suspension, at any time.


see also