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GTIN database

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Some products were disapproved on my find because of missing GTIN. My manufacturer says that some of their products don't have GTINs. Does Google recommend a database for product lookup to find GTIN? 

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GTIN database

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There are a number of such databases online. I usually just make a Google search for GTIN [product title].


If they don't have a GTIN you can use the identifier_exists field - although with some feeds that might require a developer if it is only for some items.




GTIN database

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Thank you. I apologize for the delay. I still have not been able to find all of them. Amazingly, my manufacturer's marketing rep said "why is Google picking on you?". We have much larger companies and they have never asked for this. Sure would like to see the database that Google has. Why can't they share that? 

GTIN database

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google does not require gtin if none currently exist.

as was indicated, if proper gtin has not been assigned
by the manufacturer, then google requires that the
identifier_exists attribute be submitted with a value of no
and then, do not submit any brand, do not submit mpn,
and do not submit any gtin, for that particular item.


if identifier_exists is properly submitted with a no value

then be certain that all three global-trade-identifiers --

brand, gtin, and brand (all three) are not submitted,

at all, for that particular item.

google only requires proper gtin and brand
if proper gtin and brand have been assigned
by the manufacturer to the exact item being
sold and shipped; for example, for branded

items on google's designated brand-list.

there is no such gtin database since such a database
cannot guarantee that the item-offer being searched
is identical to the physical item being sold.

generally, to verify gtin exists, for the exact item being sold, inspect
the bar-code-tag on the physical item against the gs1 specifications,
then search on google-shopping to help verify the information.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum --
google may be contacted directly for guidance.

see also


Re: GTIN database

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We have the same issue, as the bulk of our feed is repair parts which are not assigned upc's by the manufacturer. The link Ron posted, and another one at indicate:

Products without a GTIN

Some products don’t have a GTIN assigned, and so you don’t need to submit one. However, if the product does have a GTIN assigned and you don’t submit it, then the product could be disapproved.

For these products, submit the following attributes:

  • brand
  • mpn

Examples of products that may not have an assigned GTIN include:

  • Store brand products
  • Replacement parts
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or replacements for OEM parts
  • Custom-made products (e.g., custom t-shirts, art, and handmade goods)
  • Books released before ISBN was approved as an ISO standard in 1970
  • Vintage or antique products
  • Preorder products (using the condition attribute) 

For products without a GTIN and brand nor mpn and brand, submit identifier_exists.

Our items have a brand & manufacturer part number, so the above seems to indicate that  I wouldn't need the Identifier_exists field -- but we get the "Item requires a GTIN" error.  Leaving the brand & mfg p/n field set as they should be, but adding the "identifier_exists" field to "no", results in "Product identifiers provided but 'identifier_exists' set to false" errors.  I'll try leaving out the brand/mfg pn/GTIN fields, but the p/n & brand are accurate, are used by the manufacturer, and are essential information of the part and a key for customers looking for it.  Google should allow the "identifier_exists" field to coexist with the brand and mfg part #.




Re: GTIN database

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currently, there is no such concept as setting identifier_exists

set no and also submitting global-trade-data/unique-identifiers.

rather than using the specific brand or mpn attributes, the manufacturer's
brand and mpn information may be added to the item's title or description
or both and the data will then be indexed for search and made available
as essential information for users -- even if identifier_exists is set to no.

generally, if the repair-parts were built by the manufacturer of the
original product that the part fits, or original-equipment-manufacturer,
and the parts were packaged and designed to be sold at retail, by multiple
merchants, with proper global-trade-data designed for global-trade, then
mpn and brand attributes may be submitted with identifier_exists set yes.

otherwise, designated-brand items must be submitted with proper gtin
and brand -- and overrides any other google policies related to mpn --

or the items may be advertised using other campaign-types/ad-formats.

feedback about google allowing identifier_exists no to coexist with
mpn and brand information, without any error or warning messages,
may be submitted directly to google as a product defect/complaint:


GTIN database

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I "solved" the problem by removing those products from the feed. I don't have time to moderate disputes between my manufacturer and Google. The products are not found on any free GTIN/UPC databases.