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GTIN codes issued, but not by brand owner

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I work for a brand that make outdoor clothing in the UK. We supply retailers who sell our products in their shops and online. Though we have an Ad Words account we have never used it and we do not sell direct on our website.


As a brand we have never issued any type of bar codes to our re-sellers, or use them ourselves so all our retailers have to use “identifier_exist FALSE” option. We have been contacted by one of our re-sellers who has said that they can no longer list many of our products through Google shopping as a GTIN number is now available for some of our products, even though we have never issued any.


We, as the brand, need to find out who has registered our products with GTIN’s. I have tried talking to the Ad Words centre and they have confirmed that no GTIN’s have been issued from our business address or any of the email addresses we use. How can we find out who has registered GTIN’s that can only be issued by us?


From a previous message on this forum I posted, I got  this as part of the answer:

“only a manufacturer can assign valid global-trade-data --google does not want invalid or inaccurate global-trade-data”.


Google now has invalid and inaccurate global-trade-data.


I look forward to getting some advice on what to do. We have a list of product names that are now coming up as invalid.


Thank you.


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Re: GTIN codes issued, but not by brand owner

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first, thank you for the detailed explanation.


at one time, google did allow others to query specific products
and specific merchants to find out who has submitted a product
with gtin, for example -- via the google-shopping-search api.


however, google has retired the feature and is no longer allowed --
there is simply no direct method to locate any such information.


about the only indirect method is by searches within google-shopping, which
may sometimes display such items and their merchant-submitted gtin values,
under the details section of compare-prices, if the product-offers happen
to become automatically grouped under compare-prices (as n+ stores) --
however, this method is rather indirect and there no guarantee that items
will be grouped, or grouped at all times, since the feature is dynamic.


google never requires the purchase of any gtin by a manufacturer --

if there has been no global-trade-data assigned by the manufacturer
then, all merchants selling such items must submit identifier_exists

no, without a brand, without gtin, and without mpn, for such items.


that said, global-trade-data is mainly a legal designation -- the best likely
course may be to contact all the resellers directly, to verify they are not
self-assigning global-trade-data and are otherwise adhering to all legal
requirements of the manufacturer; possibly in conjunction with a certified
legal expert, who is familiar with the issues surrounding global-trade-data,

such as misuse of assignment.


also, generally, gtin must be submitted with a valid manufacturer's brand;

if the current brand associated with the products is a legal trademark and

is being used improperly by merchants, then google may be notified directly

of the legal misuse of that brand, and the gtin issue will likely be resolved

as a consequence of that action.


however, here again, google strongly encourages such legal disputes be
resolved directly between a trademark owner and the merchant/advertiser
who is misusing or misassigning a product's global-trade (brand) details.

importantly perhaps, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum -- forum members

can mainly offer suggestions, but do not have any access to any submitted

data from any merchants or their accounts.


see also

GTIN codes issued, but not by brand owner

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Hi Adam

If you do manage to identify the GTIN number being used, then the (link above from "cele") is also a good source to see if it has been registered and who with - as "Cele" has says above - its probably going to take a little work from your side in order to identify who it is. 


As an aside i am certain seeing a number of products within Shopping that have an incorrect GTIN number assigned, i believe this is due to lack of understanding from the relevant retailers and in some cases a reluctance from the manufactures/Brand owners to provide them


Good luck with the resolution 



Re: GTIN codes issued, but not by brand owner

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normally, there should be no concept of a reluctance by
the manufactures/brand-owners to provide valid gtin --


(1) google does not require any gtin assignment by manufacturers.


manufacturers are free to not assign any global-trade-data; if so,
merchants are simply required to submit identifier_exists with a
value of no without any brand, mpn, or gtin values, whatsoever.


(2) if valid global-trade-data does currently exist, then the valid gtin
is provided by the manufacturer, and printed directly on the product
or package, typically at the factory, during manufacturing, below a

valid upc/ean/jan/isbn bar-code -- merchants may scan, or simply

visually inspect, the physical product/packaging, before submitting

the item to google.


currently, for shopping-ads, merchants are required
to submit and sell only products in their possession.


generally, gtin digits without a corresponding valid bar-code, stamped
on the product, assigned by a manufacturer, are invalid and so should
not be submitted to google.


potential policy violations on google-shopping -- items with invalid or

inaccurate global-trade-data -- may be reported directly to google.


GTIN codes issued, but not by brand owner

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Thank you for the information. I'll start making some calls.


At the bottom of the shopping page there is a 'report violation' tab. I assume this is what I click if I can't resolve anything over the phone.