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GTIN change true to false

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You can add the Identifier exists to false in one of the below mentioned ways depending on the type of feed you have uploaded. Where do you do this change????
TypeBoolean: TRUE or FALSE
Text/Tab delimitedFALSE
XML (Feeds)<g:identifier_exists>FALSE</g:identifier_exists>
Content API v2 (JSON)"identifierExists": false
Content API v2 (XML)<identifier_exists>false</identifier_exists>
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Re: GTIN change true to false

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identifier_exists is simply another attribute -- like title or price.

simply add the identifier_exists attribute
to the submitted data (feed) with a value
or either TRUE or FALSE

details of where this is done, depends on how the submitted data (feed) is

currently being handling -- for example, if a spreadsheet is being used then,

simply edit the spreadsheet and add another attribute (column heading) with

a name of identifier_exists and add a TRUE or FALSE value to each item's

cell, under that new column.


if a third-party is handling the submitted inventory (feed) data then,

the best likely course would be to contact the support-organization

who is uploading the data (feed) to google.


regardless of where or how this is done -- note that
if identifier_exists is set to FALSE for an item then,
also remove gtin, brand, and mpn values for that item.

gtin is never, ever, true or false, or any other similar value --
gtin and all global-trade-data (mpn, brand, gtin) must be either

(a) exactly accurate or (b) not submitted, at all.


otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any feed details --

but a merchant-center product-listing-ad support-specialist at

google may be contacted directly for account-specific guidance.

see also