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GTIN Numbers

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For Motorola Products you are required to provide GTIN numbers.  I have had many products turned down because Motorola in its infinite wisdom says some products don't  have GTIN numbers.  So I have a question: if you do a search for PMNN4407 in shopping, you see a company that lists at the very least 12 different products as Motorola PMNN4407.  Not one of them is Motorola Brand and only one of them is even in the same category as the actual Motorola Product which is a Battery.  How does anyone compete with that.  Why does google require I provide a GTIN and then show products without Moto GTIN numbers first.  Why does google allow a company to list a battery charger as a Motorola PMNN4407 when it is a Motorola Battery?

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GTIN Numbers

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yes, motorola is on google's designated-brands list and the updated policies
require gtin and brand to be submitted for such items -- if the item is new,
as defined by google.

shopping-ads displayed from a search-query do not necessarily return
the exact physical item and if items are listed in isolation there is no way
to tell, with certainty, if the merchant has or has not submitted the item
with any global-trade-data, or a condition of new -- the content-api did
offer such competitive details, but that feature has been retired.

for example, a search for elephants may surface thousands of shopping-ads.

about the only way to tell if a merchant has submitted some global-trade-data
is if the search-term happens to also return a compare-prices grouping and
the merchant is within that specific group -- which may or may not include
the specific physical product searched and may or may not be a valid item

that was submitted by the merchant; e.g.


google's automated policy-violation detection systems are imperfect --
potential policy violations by others may be reported directly to google:

that said, this is mainly a peer-to-peer public forum --
google tends not to discuss their internal business or
related policy decisions within the public forums.

feedback may be given more directly to google --