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GTIN Invalid as I'm producing my own barcodes

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I work in fashion and apparel and we have received items without valid bar codes. We have therefore produce our own bar codes but our systems has added a lot of zeros in front of the code. For examples 0000006554876. Google has rejected this GTIN as I think it cant recognize the "0".

Can anyone please help?




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Re: GTIN Invalid as I'm producing my own barcodes

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google does not require any global-trade-data that does not exist;
there is no need to purchase or self-assign any global-trade-data --

mpn, brand, or gtiin.

only valid global-trade-data that currently exists must be submitted,
exactly as the brand-manufacturer has assigned, to the exact
item being sold -- typically stamped, at the factory, directly on

the product, product-tag, or package; all merchants selling the

same product must submit the same global-traded-data.

if the proper, exact, global-trade-data does not exist then,
simply do not submit that specific global-trade-data value --
for a .txt tab-delimited feed, leave the value blank (entirely empty);
for a .xml google-xml feed, do not submit the attribute (element tag), at all.

importantly, in this particular case, most apparel items
do not require gtin and do not require mpn -- most all
apparel clothing items only require a valid brand as
assigned by the brand-manufacturer and should be the
same exact brand value for all merchants submitting
the same clothing item.

the merchant brand is submitted automatically by google
for all items, based on the store (brand) name set within
the merchant-center-account's general settings.

merchant-assigned global-trade data is generally not allowed,
cannot be and should not be submitted, is invalid, and can be

grounds for rejecting an item altogether, or a disapproval or

a suspension from the program, at any time.

see also

Re: GTIN Invalid as I'm producing my own barcodes

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The issue is the brand-manufacturer hasn't assigned a number so we have produced our own. It is this number, that is written 0000058978945, that Google is not recognising due to the amount of zeros at the front.

Re: GTIN Invalid as I'm producing my own barcodes

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self-assigned global-trade-data is invalid and not allowed --
regardless of any leading-zeros or any other related details.

if the brand-manufacturer has not assigned
valid gtin then, simply do not submit gtin,

for that specific item.

merchant-assigned or merchant-created
global-trade-data is a policy violation.

if the goal is merely to have the value indexed for search
then, simply add the information to end of the description.

Re: GTIN Invalid as I'm producing my own barcodes

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