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From "Products" section to Feeds

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I am using Shopify as my webstore platform. I was able to load all of my products onto the Google Merchant Center. I can view them all under the "Products" Section. But what I want to know is how can I take them from the "Products" section and create a Feed so that I can start using adwords.

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Re: From "Products" section to Feeds

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a feed is not necessarily required.

physical inventory product-data
may be submitted using a feed
or google's content-api.


regardless of how items are submitted --

after items are processed the items can

then be seen within the products-section

of the merchant-center-account.

if items are seen within the products-section
of the merchant-center then, shopify is likely
using google's content-api to submit the data.

the best likely course would be to contact shopify support
directly, to verify how exactly items are being submitted.


also, checking the api-diagnostics section

within the merchant-center-account, is

another way to help verify if the items

are being submitted via the api --


if shopify support indicates that a feed is required

then, simply follow shopify's instructions exactly.

after shopify verifies the items are being submitted properly --
simply link the two accounts and create a shopping-campaign
and product-groups within the linked account:

items that have a searchable status, under the products-section
of the merchant-center, should be seen within the linked account
approximately 72-hours after the data is submitted -- and can be
added to a product-group and assigned a bid.

items that have enough bid and quality to win a slot
in the auctions can be seen as a product-listing-ad.