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Free Shipping for specific products

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Hi there,


I have the following issue with the Merchant Center & Product Feed, and I was hoping you could help. I have been in touch with the Google Support Team without success so far.


We are offering Free Shipping for order $500+. BUT some products are too bulky and free shipping cannot be applied.


Apparently, there are few ways to do it:


1/ Either to define different shipping rules for those products and all the other products on Merchant Center using Delivery Labels BUT it seems we have to set in the feed the shipping_label attribute:   


2/ Or to exclude those products:




Unfortunately, we cannot modify the product feed accordingly (limitation of our CMS).


I was wondering if they are other solutions to manage this situation and make the shipping fees consistent on Merchant Center and the website.


A directly related question: If an order includes 2 products and is over $500, but 1 one of the product cannot be freely shipped, how does Google Shopping manage this case?


Thanks in advance for your time.





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Free Shipping for specific products

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Hello Maxime, the only other recommendation I have is to use Feed Rules within Google Merchant.


You can set an if else rule to define which products have a different shipping price.

More info can be found here


hope it helps

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Re: Free Shipping for specific products

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Hey Emmanuel,


thanks very much for your relevant reply.


I have explored the Feed Rules tool within the Merchant Center.


Based on our current feed, we cannot define a rule for those products. But we are going to try to find a solution from here.


I will keep this post updated.


Any other ideas?





Re: Free Shipping for specific products

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(1) if bulky is defined by weight then, the shipping_weight
attribute may be used to create an appropriate feed-rule,
for specific items, that meet the (weight-based) definition.


or, almost any unique feature of any attribute
that is currently submitted, and can uniquely
identify "bulky", may be used as a feed-rule.


(2) in terms of multiple-product orders, or order totals --
there is no such concept with respect to shopping-ads,
the merchant-center, or google-shopping.


a shopping-ad is for one, single, item-offer -- the one,
single, physical, inventory item, submitted to google,

and displayed on the landing-page with a single price

and single add-to-cart button.


for example, if a single (non-bulky) item has a price over $500

then, that one item-offer may be configured with free shipping --

shipping-offer details cannot be mentioned in submitted data.


currently, there is no concept of multiple ordered-items,
or items added to a cart, or any shopping-cart whatsoever,
within google-shopping, or with respect to a shopping-ad.


about the only exceptions are multiple items that are grouped
together as a single-offer -- such as a multipack or bundle,
submitted as one, single, item-offer, with one, single, price --
displayed as a single shopping-ad.


for example, a six-pack of soda, or a camera with film and a tripod.


for more complex special-offers, such as a combined-promotion with
free-shipping, or 15% off on all products with free shipping, and a
redemption-code, the merchant-promotions-program may be used.


Free Shipping for specific products

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Hi Maxime, Google wants shipping information for just a single item (because after all, when people click on your ad it's an ad for a single product). Therefore, only if 1 product by itself gets free shipping should you mark it as free shipping. If it takes 2+ items, then you will only put shipping information as if the customer only bought that one product alone. You should be able to go into the Shipping section of your Google Merchant center and create shipping rules based on price without shipping labels (it will just apply to all products). Alternatively, you could work with a feed management platform where they would be able to add any additional shipping or tax information into the feed without being bogged down by the limitations of your CMS. Feel free to PM for more information about one of these platforms!