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For questions related to Google Shopping and Merchant Center. Learn to optimize your Shopping ads
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For Google Shopping Ads

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I have Created the Shopping google ads, as well linked it with Merchant account. But still not showing the clicks.


Kindly give some suggestions.'




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For Google Shopping Ads

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Please check if your product are already approved. It might take a few days before they can start showing up. If they are still pending, wait until they approve them and then check the performance again.





Re: For Google Shopping Ads

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this is mainly a peer-to-peer community forum --
only a person at google can look into the account.

the best likely course would be to contact a person at google directly:

a general checklist --

(1) be certain that the items are active, up-to-date, and have a current
active status, for the target-country, by checking the products-tab,
and clicking on the item's title, within the merchant-center-account:

(2) verify google has not flagged the account or any items, after google

has crawled the website and all images for policy issues, by checking

under the diagnostics-tab of the merchant-center-account and clicking

on any blue-boxes:
clicking on the graph will show historic issues.

(3) be certain that the items are matching a product-group within an active
shopping-campaign, each item has a competitive bid, and the campaign's
budget has not been depleted, by checking under the linked ad-account:

(4) be certain the items have impressions --
without impressions there can be no clicks.

impressions depend on winning a slot in the auctions.

winning in the auctions require a high enough bid and
high enough quality with respect to the submitted-data,
the website, the business, and other quality factors.

(4) be certain the landing-page and data submitted
are highly relevant to the physical inventory item,
that is being sold and shipped to the customer --
any discrepancies or disconnects between the data
being submitted and the landing-page or the physical
item, will usually result in no clicks.

(5) be certain the price and shipping are competitive.


otherwise, try posting, here in public, the landing-page url and the specific
attributes and values that are being submitted in the feed -- for one or two
items -- that are currently receiving impressions, but no clicks.

see also