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Few impressions and zero clicks. This can't be right??

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Hello everyone,

I'm really pulling my hair out here, any advice will be huge at this stage.

I have roughly 40 products with multiple variations (4 are still under review). My campaign is running at £20 a day with £0.15 clicks.

It's been 4 days, I've had 36 impressions and 0 clicks. The search volume in the market is high, so this doesn't make sense.

I called up Google Support, they basically told me to increase my bid because it's too low.

The problem with that is... Based on the standard conversion rate for an ecommerce store and my average profit per sale, bidding any higher would run me at a loss.

I have at least 2 competitors selling the same products, from the same suppliers with the same profit margin (It's a fixed trade price on all items). I can't see how they could bid higher than me since they wouldn't make any money. Despite this, their ads are showing prominently in Google Shopping.

I've put everything into this and I was so confident up until this point. If anyone can help me I would be so grateful.

Thank you.

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Re: Few impressions and zero clicks. This can't be right??

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Lewis P,

"I can't see how they could bid higher than me since they wouldn't make any money. Despite this, their ads are showing prominently in Google Shopping."

Your competitors with the same products are betting on two considerations:
1) Lifetime Value of a customer and Additional Remarketing - The initial cost of acquisition outweighed by the fact that customer may purchase again in the future, and your ability to market to them from email marketing, or low cost remarketing, or dynamic marketing campaigns tied to your remarketing list filtered by those that made a transaction in the past

2) Customer my buy more then just the one Item promoted. If you have up-sell opportunities, or related matching products that go hand in hand. There are plenty of shopping occasions where more then just the initial item advertised is purchased.

With Low margin your best bet is to focus on the best selling items, in which and put your budget and bids towards those item. Test for a week with a Bid price that gets you in the game. Also make sure you have a Good Unique Selling Proposition, better descriptions then your competitors, quick checkout process and anything you can do to Beat the Competition, If you are the same as they are, Why should I buy from you? If the prices are the same, usually who shows the items at top wins the sales.

You should use your Actual Overall eCommerce conversion rate instead of a "standard".

Not knowing the product, the price points, the intent etc...
There are times if you don't have a high enough Margin,and not a Clear Unique Selling Proposition that sets you apart for the competition, that this is the the right game to play, but I would Test for a WEEK or an X $$$ amount with bids to get into the game and see what happens.

All the best

Re: Few impressions and zero clicks. This can't be right??

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performance in the auctions is based mainly on the bid and quality.


as to quality --

any items still under review may indicate an overall issue with quality.

if any items are variants, be certain that all such items submitted are
strictly following all rules, policies, recommendations, and guidelines,
related to variants (detailed product attributes).

for example, be certain that any and all items in a variant group
have a proper and identical item_group_id, at least one variant
attribute with a proper value that is unique among all items in
that group, images that exactly match each variant, and a link
landing-page that preselects the exact, matching, variant, and
titles and descriptions that follow all variant recommendations.

clicks tend to relate to relevancy -- be certain all attribute values
submitted are tightly and closely connected to the physical item
or how the physical item might be used -- especially the title
and description -- but with respect to all attributes submitted.

following google's recommendations and guidelines
for any and all submitted attributes may also help.

for example, do not include any irrelevant or ancillary information --
such as store details or information related to any other products;
this not only can lower quality but is also a policy violation.

consider updating or removing any irrelevant details.

there are many factors outside the submitted data that can
also impact quality -- for example, (competitors may have)
more or better ratings and reviews or click-through-rates,

or longer-term more direct strategies such as remarketing

and added, fluctuating, promotions,

as to bids --

the bids may be very high for a time for certain item groups --
some merchants may bid higher or at a loss during certain
time frames; for example, depending on the item details,
merchants may bid extremely high, just prior to and just
after, certain sporting events, holidays, or seasons, and
then much lower or more normal, the rest of the year.

there is no requirement to submit all variants or all items in inventory --
submitting only best-selling items or bidding much higher on best-sellers
and much lower on poor selling items, is another bid strategy to consider.

a bid strategy that is tightly tied to product-groups and
utilizing custom_label attributes may help in this regard.

also, depending on the bid details, four days
may not be near enough time to garner results.

for example, some bid strategies can take months to accumulate
enough information for the system to understand user traffic
patterns (e.g. enhanced-cost-per-click).


also, be certain there is enough budget to cover the bids.

before making any changes, to the submitted data or bid strategy,
be certain to make careful measurements before, during, and after
any such changes.

that said, forum-members cannot look into any data or accounts --
posting the website url and more specific details directly from
the submitted data or campaign, here within the public forums,

may allow others  to offer more specific suggestions and guidance.


Re: Few impressions and zero clicks. This can't be right??

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Top Contributor
Another thing to consider which has not been touched is historic ranking. You need to get traffic to increase your CTR to improve your ads position.

Google shopping is also broad match, which means that you need to tightly look at which search terms to allow by removing the ones you don't want as a negative keyword.

I can bid 5 times higher than you and still make a profit on the same margin by simply bidding on search terms that convert. The only way to find that out is by doing data research of your existing data, or research based on your data combined with other research.

Consider generic search terms as high cost low return, where branded or on topic being high value. A good way to segregate generic vs branded search terms is by setting up an effective multi campaign.
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