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Fetch feed hourly

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Is there an option / method to get Google to fetch my feed on an hourly basis?

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Re: Fetch feed hourly

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simply -- no.

scheduled-fetch is limited to daily re-uploads.

there is no option for hourly re-uploads within
the merchant-center -- and would likely not be
able to function properly if such an option existed
given the amount of time required for processing,
policy reviews, and state-changes.

generally, google recommends (only) four re-uploads per day --
if items cannot be kept up-to-date with more than four
re-uploads per day then, either the api or rich-snippets,
or a combination of both, must be used.

typically, the four re-uploads per day limit can be accomplished via ftp.

if items still cannot be kept up-to-date then such items simply cannot
be submitted, without risking disapproval or (permanent) suspension,
at any time -- for example, in the case of an auction items.

of course, there is no technical block from submitting data
more frequently than the recommendation; typically, this may
cause items to always be in the middle of a state-change --
among other unwanted side-effects.

usually, items that require too frequent updates
are simply not a good match for product-listing-ads;
product-listing-ads do best with fixed-priced items
that change rather infrequently -- on average, less
than four-times per day -- and otherwise may risk
a disapproval or suspension from the program.