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Feed irregularities

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Thank you for considering my questions.


1. I am sourcing pictures the same way for each product. In some cases the picture appears. In others 'i get the message that there are no pictures. I have tried to figure out what the difference is in the feed data that accepts some pictures and (apparently) rejects others.


2. I am getting some error messages that say the product link data is not from my web site. Examples show what the problem is. But when I check products data for the products, the wording on my feed spreadsheet is different from what the example is. Apparently, new feeds with corrected data are not overwriting the previous erroneous data. How long does it take for updates/overwrites to be reviewed/accepted?


3. Is it required to post ads in adwords to be included in shopping? If so, does each product require a seperate ad in adwords?


4. I get a message that my flat rate shipping data is hung up between a site-wide posting and individual product data. Is the cure for this to delete the site wide shipping data or to delete the shipping column? Or something else. I'm sure this is covered somewhere in the taxonomy but I can't find it.

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Re: Feed irregularities

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(1) all images will be inspected to verify compliance with
the rules and policies -- there are quite a few rules and
policies with respect to images, such as the percentage
of the product that must be visible, file and pixel size,

no ancillary text or watermarks, etc.

otherwise, google may simply take 24-72 hours or so to inspect all images.

(2) be certain that:
(a) the id value for all items never, ever, changes for any physical inventory item;
(b) there is only one, single, live feed registered;
(c) the [one] registered feed is only ever registered once --

and is never deleted unless a person at google indicates to do so.

otherwise, google may take 24-72 hours to update items.


a best-practice is to use a combination of letters and numbers for id; e.g.


(3a) yes.
(3b) items must be assigned a bid to participate in the auctions;
results in the ad auctions are determined by both the bid and quality;


google-shopping is a highly competitive, dynamic, advertising auction --

items with enough bid and quality may win a slot and be seen in results.

generally, items are grouped by product-group to be assigned a bid --
for example, bidding higher on all hand-carved large sculptures but
lower on all small ceremonial masks, within the shopping-campaign.

(4) shipping per item must be either exactly accurate or an overestimate.
shipping may be either set in the account or submitted in the feed as a
per-item override -- any shipping submitted in the feed for an item will
override all shipping set in the account, for that item.

to use account-level shipping settings, the shipping value in the
(spreadsheet), feed file, must be entirely blank (entirely empty).

if all items in the feed will be using the account-level shipping --
then, the shipping attribute (column) may be deleted altogether.


after shipping is set in the account, the settings may take a few hours

to propagate throughout the system; so, a few hours may be required

before the data-feed (spreadsheet) can be re-submitted (re-fetched),

after setting-up shipping within the account.


always check the individual item within the products-tab,

by clicking on the item's title, to verify shipping has been

properly configured and processed.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into the feed or account;
the best likely course would be to either post more exact details
here in the public forums so we can offer more exact suggestions --
or, a support specialist may be contacted directly so they can look
into the feed and account.


see also