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Feed for each variant of product, or just 1 for the main variant?

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we have to submit GTIN in the Merchant Feed for the apparel category: could it be sufficient to insert the main variant of the product with its own GTIN?

Our problem is that if we feed to Merchant each variant, we don't have an unique landing page due ti the fact that the E-commerce is configured displaying all the variant just in one page, where the user can choose the size or the color. Each product variant si not visible at all so it can be bought jsut via the 'parent' configurable product page.

Any suggestions?


Thank you in advance

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Re: Feed for each variant of product, or just 1 for the main variant?

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there is no requirement to submit all variants.

if the variants are not submitted then, the default
item on the page may be submitted, not the parent --
a default item must be shown or preselected.

otherwise, such items cannot be submitted, at all.

also, gtin is not required for most apparel clothing --
only a valid brand, as assigned by the manufacturer.

see also