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Feed Structure: Merging different product sizes under parent item

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Hi guys, 


I have a question on the best feed structure to use


I currently have the feed at variant size and colour level as shown below:


ItemID            Color      Price     Size        Link                                                                       Availability

258369_M       Blue         119         M           In Stock

258369_L        Blue         119         L            Out of Stock

258370_S        Black       119         S          In Stock

258370_XS      Black       119        XS          In Stock

258371_XL      Pink          119       XL           Out of Stock  

258371_L         Pink         119         L           In Stock


(Others attribute in feed are exactly the same)


Also, the merchant have unique landing pages per colour and they are listing all available sizes on the LP 

Some sizes are in stock and other out of stock 


Therefore, I wanted to use a different feed structure to manage more efficiently the feed, as I realized that less than 0.5% of search queries are mentioning a size 


So my idea was to use the structure below


I will end up with less items in the feed, which will make it easier to manage performance



ItemID            Color      Price     Size               Link                                                                  Availability

258369           Blue         119      XS-XL          In Stock 

258370           Black        119     XS-XL         In Stock

258371           Pink          119     XS-XL           In Stock


I am just worried that some products might be rejected as all sizes are not in stock 


Example: ItemID 258369_L have sizes L which is out of stock. So can I still group variant sizes this way? Or is there a best workaround you are using?


Thanks in advance,


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Feed Structure: Merging different product sizes under parent item

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The first structure is correct and the most effective method for submitting products to Google Shopping, your second example is incorrect because you can not submit multiple sizes within 1 value. All your product will get disapproved.



As I'm guessing you want the easier management in Adwords, than simply use custom labels to organize everything

More info :


If you want easier management in the data feed, than I recommend instead of using a spreasdsheet is to use a plugin or management tool to organize everything.


The easiest way is to Google to see what is available for your platform.


Hope it helps.

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