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Feed OK, but no products shown

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Hello dear community Smiley Happy


I've been trying to get my Google Shopping feed to work so that I can create a Google Adwords campaign. I'm using Prestashop and a module called "Google Shopping Flux".


The feed itself seems to be OK. Under Merchant Center -> Products -> Diagnostics, I can read that the feed is "Looking good".

However, if I check Merchant Center -> Products -> List, there are no products displayed at all.


Obviously Im doing something wrong, but I cant figure out what it is.


- My feed gives me 23 errors, all of which read "The two attributes describing a sale, 'sale price' and 'sale price effective date', must both be provided or both omitted. If 'sale price' is empty, 'sale price effective date' must be empty too."

- My feed also gives me alot of warnings, most of which are related to attributies. This makes sense since I sell one-of-a-kind products and do not use any attribute features in my Prestashop webbstore.

- However, one of the warnings read: "The update could not be matched to an offer. Please make sure to use the identifier of an existing offer and check that the target country of the feed is correct.".


Could any of the above be the issue why my products arent generated from the feed? Or should I be looking elsewhere?


Much, much obliged for any help!



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Feed OK, but no products shown

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If you have feed errors, no products will be imported, for which the error is applied to. I recommend contacting the developer of the plugin or read the documentation of the plugin to resolve the issue.


You will need to fix all the issues, and always submit a test feed first. As you might potentially cause your account a suspension. Only submit a standard (live) feed when you are 100% everything is pitch perfect.


If you submit a sale price you must have effective price added or not all.

With the other issues, please contact the developer to fix them.


Hope it helps.

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Feed OK, but no products shown

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Right, cheers for the reply. Probably need to buy a "real" integration module for my e-commerce platform as the one Im using is a freebie...thanks tho!