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Feed Display Problem

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1] Why my ads doesn't show up on certain SKUs ?


2] How can I optimize my Feed for specific SKU's ?


3] How should be the account structure of PLA ?




Re: Feed Display Problem

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Hi Franklin


Your items can show differently depending on many factors.


Although you may not see your own items being displayed for a certain search, this is not to say other users are not being shown. Relevancy plays a big part in returning results. I would not suggest searching for your own items. Instead look to your performance to ensure your items are being shown.


You can optimize your feed in many ways, however, the most important part of being found for a particular item would be to include the GTIN for the item, ensure all information is valid and describes the product as a customer would search.


Also, note, if you are including the correct GTIN values, you may find your item is grouped within listings by Google to allow customers to compare the items side by side. So although you may not see your listing standing alone in results, this does not mean to say it is not there.


I am unclear of what you are asking in point 3? 


I will try my best to answer what I believe your question is. 


Structuring your Shopping Campaign can be done at many levels. From -


Campaign Level - Setting all your items to the same bid, displaying one promotional text within the ad.




Individual items - Grouped from within many levels for instance


Grouping by brand, then segmenting this group further by creating a further group based on product_type and then again based on a custom label or id.


Structuring your Shopping Campaign to individual item levels or by attribute does allow for better maintenance as your performance can be shown relating closely to the items. This can be used to alter bid amount for a certain group of it proving to be costly with no return or vice versa increase bids for potentially higher impressions if the conversion is high.


Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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