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Errors, warnings, notifications in Google Feed

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Hello guys,


just a quick question. Do erros, warnings and noticiations in Diagnosis of Google Feed directly affecting overall quallity of the products? Let's say there is missing description/longer title etc. for one item, does it affect rank of all products? I know that if I have some critical error for some item, that item won't be listed and it is sort of affecting the whole account, but I mean it more in this way: You have error for this item, so your account is not that great and the result will be decreased impression share.


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Re: Errors, warnings, notifications in Google Feed

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data-quality-enforcement is based on the overall
quality of all data submitted -- so, even one single
item that does not conform to all policies may
result in suspension of an entire account or site.

therefore, even one item not in compliance with
all policies, submitted or within the website, may
effect quality of all items submitted by a merchant.


similarly, with ratings and reviews of a merchant.

of course, there has never been any definitive
quality (score) defined for product-listing-ads
so there is no way to know with strict certainty
the quality (score) of a specific item.


typically, such overall (quality) penalties seem to depend on

the severity of a single issue or how long an issue remains

without being addressed; rather than, or in addition to, the

literal number of items or issues flagged.

generally, items without required attributes,
that do not match the website landing-page,
should not be submitted to avoid such issues.

see also

Re: Errors, warnings, notifications in Google Feed

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Hello Celebird,

thanks for answer. But really if these errors are not leading directly to account suspension/item disapproval, do they still affect Impression Share or any other important metrics? Or will Google give advantage someone elses products because their feed is spotless and mine is not?

Re: Errors, warnings, notifications in Google Feed

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first, you're welcome.

again, there is no such defined impact with respect to quality and
a quality-score for a product-listing-ad has never been defined --
despite google being asked many times.

however, we believe such impact does exist --
one item effecting the quality of all items --
depending on both the severity of the issue
and length of time any issue remains flagged
but not addressed.

in addition, there is no way to tell which policy
violation would tip the scale to a suspension --
there is simply constant monitoring of all data
submitted, the account, and the website.

importantly, for all items being submitted on behalf of clients,
what has been defined, is that all items in each sub-account,
must comply with all the policies and the terms-of-service --
individual merchants that are not compliant can be deactivated,
and excessive deactivations can lead to temporary or permanent
deactivation of the aggregator’s entire account; this, despsite

any other item or merchant under the account in compliance.

the documented, defined, statement, is simply, all items.


both quality and the bid determine auction outcomes --

and all related metrics reported within the account.