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Entity References in Feed

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I have been getting conflicting information and have not been able to find a definitive answer. Our consultant tells us that Google will be cracking down on HTML in titles coming from our feed. That is fine and we have stripped out all of the HTML tags that have been creeping into our descriptions. Our uncertainty revolved around entity references. It seems to me that they would have to accept those. Does anyone know if using entity references will cause us grief in our feeds?


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Re: Entity References in Feed

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all information submitted should be plain (ascii) text, without

any formatting, scripting, html (entities), or special symbols.

proprietary characters and related symbols should also not be used.

generally, simply use standard punctuation, capitalization, spelling,
and grammar for the language of a registered-feed's target-country.

Re: Entity References in Feed

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Ok, thanks. I have stripped out everything that is not alphanumeric. It still seems odd that they would insist on the removal of things like trademark symbols, degree symbols, and the like.

Re: Entity References in Feed

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first, you're welcome.

there are two distinct issues --
(1) rules, policies, and guidelines;
(2) feed processing.

in some cases, the characters may strictly adhere to the rules,
policies, or guidelines but, google's feed processing may be
confused by such (entity) symbols.

in other cases, google's processing may remove, attempt
to remove, or simply ignore, such characters (entities) but
the violation is related to a policy, rule, or guideline.

titles especially should avoid any non-standard punctuation for the language;
but even some non-symbols can violate the policies (e.g. Extra Extra Savings).

most necessary characters can be represented using plain text (e.g. +-)
or are spelled-out as required in the specifications (e.g. %2C, &#47).

importantly, such related issues are not necessarily flagged directly;
the issues may surface indirectly -- for example, causing data (feed)
processing to improperly handle a particular item or stop processing
at random points -- or simply causing an individual item to perform
poorly in the auctions due to lower quality.