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Entire Feed Disapproved Because URL Not Verified and Claimed

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Completely out of the blue after having submitted feeds for years, my entire feed was disapproved today because they say our URL was not verified and claimed. After 2 hours of following the poorly structured and written help information, I was able to get the site both verified and claimed. However, Google has now cost me an entire day's business and I have no idea how many more days it will take for our feed to be reapproved. This has completely shut my company down. I have 5 children to feed and this website is my only source of income. Google is killing my family and I can't even get anyone on the phone because they get the weekend off.


I don't understand why Google notified me that there was an issue after they destroyed my company. Why didn't they email me first so I could have addressed the problem. No warning - nothing! This makes no sense and especially when we have been a good company to them for over 10 years.


Has anyone else had this happen or does anyone know how long it might take for Google to reapprove my feed? Every minute it is disapproved is a bill I now cannot pay and money out of my family's pockets.

Re: Entire Feed Disapproved Because URL Not Verified and Claimed

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Approval process

In addition to the information below, check out this guide which details our approval process and helpful troubleshooting hints. Please also check the FAQ on how to utilize the promotion effective dates and promotion display dates attributes for prompt promotion display on Google Shopping and

After your promotions feed and products feed are processed, we’ll review your promotions against our guidelines and validate your promotions before distributing them. Processing, review, and validation can take up to 24 hours, but typically is completed within 12 hours. We recommend submitting your promotions as early as possible for a timely review.


The approval process requires 2 steps:

  1. Policy review: The policy review ensures the promotion follows all our Editorial Guidelines and Program Policies. This review will occur shortly after a promotion is submitted during business hours.
  2. Validation review: When a promotion becomes active in your stores or on your site, testers will verify that the promotion works and that it follows all Program Policies.

If your promotion passes policy review and validation review, the promotion will be approved, and go live (note that promotions may go live a few hours after the start time because of testing). If your promotion does not pass review and testing, you may have the opportunity to modify the promotion and re-submit for processing and verification. The promotion status is shown in the Merchant Promotions dashboard in Merchant Center. Learn more about changing and fixing promotions.