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Enter product level shipping into API xml - Help!

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I have a volusion store and I am using the google api to generate an xml that is published to google.  I have tax and shipping settings set up in google merchant center.  My only issue is that I have a few products with fixed shipping costs.  The api doesn't push fixed shipping costs to google.  I know if I enter a fixed shipping cost at the product level it should take priority over the merchant center shipping settings.  I am having some trouble figuring out how to do this.  Here is what one product looks like in the xml my api generates:


      <g:id xmlns:g="">MDMKRM9</g:id>
      <title>Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer</title>
      <g:brand xmlns:g="">Midmark</g:brand>
      <g:description xmlns:g="">The Ritter M9 AutoClave Automatic Sterilizer couldn't be easier to use and is time tested for reliability. You simply load it…set it…and forget it. Select your cycle and the time is set for you. Press “Start” and the M9 fills with the correct amount of water. Once the sterilization process is complete, the door opens automatically and quietly to dissipate the steam, giving you fast drying time for your instruments.</g:description>
      <g:expiration_date xmlns:g="">2015-08-14</g:expiration_date>
      <gSmiley Tonguerice xmlns:g="">4385.00</gSmiley Tonguerice>
      <g:image_link xmlns:g="">
      <g:shipping_weight xmlns:g="">0 lb</g:shipping_weight>
      <g:mpn xmlns:g="">M9-022</g:mpn>
      <gSmiley Tongueroduct_type xmlns:g="">Medical Equipment &gt; Autoclaves &amp; Sterilizers &gt; UltraClave Automatic Sterilizers</gSmiley Tongueroduct_type>
      <g:google_product_category xmlns:g="">Business &amp; Industrial &gt; Medical &gt; Medical Equipment</g:google_product_category>
      <g:identifier_exists xmlns:g="">True</g:identifier_exists>
      <g:adult xmlns:g="">False</g:adult>
      <g:availability xmlns:g="">In stock</g:availability>
      <g:condition xmlns:g="">New</g:condition>



I want to add a fixed shipping price of $50 to this item regardless of the destination, with the shipping method UPS Ground.  Is the below code correct?  And if so where do I insert it in my existing xml code above?  Thanks in advance.


   <gSmiley Tonguerice>50.00 USD</gSmiley Tonguerice>
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Re: Enter product level shipping into API xml - Help!

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normally, that is the proper entry and will override any settings --
however, the normal syntax will likely not work in this particular case.

that is, volusion looks to be using their own syntax
that is overriding the default google-recommended
xml syntax for xml-feeds -- therefore, the best likely
course would be to contact volusion-support directly
and ask for guidance.

generally, if the xml namespace is defined in-line then,
the namespace must added in-line for all xml entries;
again, contacting volusion support directly is the likely
best course -- especially since such overrides should
not be done piecemeal and may adversely effect any

subsequent updates or updates handled by volusion.


see also