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E-commerce Platform Imports Issue (Magento)

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I have Magento with the Google Shopping extension installed and linked it to my Merchant Center. When I attempt to register a new feed via the "E-commerce platform imports" option, I keep on getting this error "There was an error connecting to your E-commerce platform."


This is what I did:

-From my Magento admin dashboard, I clicked on the 'Google Shopping' link

-Google Merchant Center is opened in a new browser window

-From the Merchant Center dashboard, clicked on the 'Products' link and then 'Feeds' link

-Clicked on the Plus button to start the feed register process

-On the first section of the 'Register a new feed', I put "United States" as the 'Target country' and typed in "Gourmet" as the 'Feed name'

-Clicked on 'Continue' to go to the second part

-I left the 'Recommended method' option checked on, which only shows the 'E-commerce platform imports' option. I did not select any of the 'Alternate methods'

-Clicked on the 'Continue' button to go to the third part

-On the third part, the error showed up in a red popup dialog box and the 'Continue' button is grayed out / disabled


I've searched the forums, but couldn't find any similar inquiries. Not sure if the issue is caused from Magento, however. Any help is appreciated.

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E-commerce Platform Imports Issue (Magento)

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if magento-connect-manager with the google-shopping-extension
are being used to import inventory-data into the merchant-center
then, there is no feed; no feed should be needed, no feed should
be registered, and no feed-file will be used.

any such new feed that exists under the products-feeds-tab may be deleted.

rather, after account-linking is completed, and the proper credentials
entered, the products will be imported, automatically -- via a magento
app and google's content-api, without any feed-file whatsoever.

however, linking is currently not working for most users.


the e-commerce-platform-imports feature requires proper account-linking.

not linking properly to e-commerce platforms (e.g. magento) for data-import
and integration, is a known-issue -- with no published time frame for a fix.

the best likely course would be to contact magento-support directly --
or whoever is currently supporting the magento version being used --
to ask if they could suggest an alternative method or procedure to
submit inventory product-data to the google-merchant-center; note

that any alternative may, or may not, require a feed-file.

asking in the magento help-forums and
contacting google directly may also help.


as an aside, any alternative may complicate using

e-commerce-platform-imports, when the feature

finally is available -- especially if inventory is very

large or shopping-ads are running at the time.

see also


E-commerce Platform Imports Issue (Magento)

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Update: I could not get a resolution. After back and forth with Google Merchant support with no concrete answer, I ended up ditching the auto feed and just went with a manual Google Sheet upload feed.