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Duplicate Search Terms in Shopping Campaigns

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Good Afternoon All, 


I'm posting this here due to waiting 4 weeks for Google Support to give me an answer or fix to this problem.


Hoping someone can shed some light, or offer me more support than Google currently are.



When I am running STR's in Shopping campaigns I am discovering multiple instances of the same search term, with different stats...


Now if this was a Search campaign i could understand it, as multiple keywords could trigger the same term.


When i spoke to Google Support, they couldn't see multiple instances like i can, they were all merged together, confirming i was having a problem.


The Image shows the same search term (not a close variant, its exactly the same) however for some reason it is creating 2 instances (some have has 4-5+ instances) 


Duplicate Terms


Now if i decided to run the STR and look at the bottom variant (bare in mind, this could be mixed in within over 500+ search terms), i might think that term wasn't profitable or what we wanted, so i would make it negative, but then it would also exclude the top instance as its the same search term. 


So every time we run the STR and make negatives, we are running the risk of making profitable terms negative.


Can anyone shed any light or help please.

Re: Duplicate Search Terms in Shopping Campaigns

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do you have different campaigns or ad groups setup? it could be the same exact search query that's just serving out of a different campaign or ad group

Re: Duplicate Search Terms in Shopping Campaigns

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Hi Shaun,

There is multiple Ad Groups with each campaign, but they only have 1 x Product Group each, the STR is being run at Product Group Level so there shouldn't be any overlap.