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Duplicate Item Error PLA Feed

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I have seen some other posts about this but they were not resolved and I was not able to resolve myself by attempting the suggestions. Attached are the 6 errors that are detected. All of my products on here are variants and they were added the same way which is why I cannot find the error. Only 6 of a larger group of items were declared similar although they all have different ID's and GTIN's. Let me know what you think!


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Re: Duplicate Item Error PLA Feed

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Re: Duplicate Item Error PLA Feed

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generally, variants must be submitted using the proper variant rules
and polices for both the submitted data and the link landing-pages.

for example, identical item_group_id values and at least one variant
attribute with a unique value -- for all items within the variant-group --
are required.

for example, the link value should land on the exact variant --
either as a separate page or more commonly as a server-side,
preselected item, using url-paramters; e.g.

for example, color variants require a unique and matching image_link per color.

for example, title must have a common-part
and is recommended to include a variant-part
that contains the specific variant information,
for each item in the variant-group.

a parent-item cannot be submitted.

all id must be unique across the entire account.


a best-practice is to use a mix of letters and numbers for the id --

especially if a spreadsheet is being used to handle the feed; e.g.



or, simply be certain the id column is formatted as text not a number;

once an id is assigned, never reuse that id value for any other item.


generally, only one, single, feed is needed per target-country --

the single feed can handle from one to 100,000 items or so;

be certain never to delete the registered feed and register the

feed only once.


variants that do not adhere to all the variant (detailed-product) policies --
both within the submitted data (feed) and on the website -- simply must be
removed from the feed unless the issues are fixed; otherwise, submitting
such items are grounds for the items to be removed, disapproved, or the
account suspended, at any time.

unfortunately, those screen-captures do not show the entire
and actual data that is being submitted and forum-members
cannot look into any accounts or submitted data directly.

forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the
information posted here within the public forums; however, a
merchant-center product-listing-ads support-specialist may
be contacted at google -- so a person can look directly into

the account and submitted data and account.

see also

Re: Duplicate Item Error PLA Feed

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Hi Nick.

@Celebird is right. The screenshots don't give the entire picture, so I'll just shoot a question which should be obvious, and you said you tried to solve the issue, but you did not specify which actions you took. I also checked those items on your website.
So just to make sure, did you check that those specific items are not listed again somewhere down the feed file?



Re: Duplicate Item Error PLA Feed

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The items reported as being duplicates are the same product, same color same side, but different sizes. XS, S, M, L, XL. The website link for each of these are Mobile link <-- this is the same because our site is responsive. Our product page URL does not change when you select size or color. And image link is We do change the image link based on color, as the next color configuration of this item has link

I'm not sure if maybe we need to add descriptors in the title of each item showing color, size, etc?

Re: Duplicate Item Error PLA Feed

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for that specific example, each item within
that specific variant-group must have --
(a) an item_group_id attribute with identical values;
(b) an id attribute with unique values;
(c) a size attribute with a single value;
(d) a color attribute with a single value;

if there are two color choices and six size choices (in stock)
then, the item-offer must be submitted 12 times -- each with

a proper color and size value for a specific, in stock, physical

inventory item; regardless of the title and regardless of the link --

a separate entry, for each physical item, that will uniquely identify

an exact item-offer being sold, is required.

if the item itself is multi-colored then, submit
the two or three most dominate colors with a
single slash separating each color; e.g.
google will accept this as one, single, attribute value.

google does not require all variants to be submitted --
however, importantly, only submit (variant) items that
are currently, physically, in your on-hand stock inventory

and can be purchased, to avoid disapproval or suspension.

submitting variants improperly is grounds for
disapproval or suspension from the program,
at any time.

one example of how to properly submit variants is currently here:


as an aside, there is no need to submit a mobile_link

if the site is responsive and link and mobile_link are

identical -- simply submit a link value for each item.

see also

Re: Duplicate Item Error PLA Feed

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Forgetting about variants for the moment, if your ID is not duplicated within the same data feed, please make sure you do not have another data feed that has these numbers. As this will trigger the duplication error.

If we forget about the policy, regardless of what is required a duplication can only be triggered if the id is present more than once in the same target country.

I suggest digging a little deeper and ensure that there is no duplication.

Also note that the duplication error will be present up to 30 days after it was first detected. So if you had it before you fixed it and re uploaded the feeds, it will not remove the warning. You can however contact Google Adwords to reset the warnings.

Alternatively you can always contact Google Adwords if you can't fix your issue.
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