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Duplicate Google Merchant Account with Less Items.

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We currently have hundreds of thousands of unique products in our Google Merchant Account.


A third party service is trying to access the Google Merchant center to pull all of our products from it, to run custom ads.


The third party service has a limit of 100k items that they can pull at once.


I am looking for the best way to solve this.


1. The third party service can change their programming to allow more items. (Expensive and difficult.)


2. We take our XML and reduce it to 100k items and create a new Google Merchant account. Then give the third party company access to that Google Merchant account.


3. Something I have not thought of?


Thank you for your advice! Smiley Happy


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Re: Duplicate Google Merchant Account with Less Items.

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will the custom-ads be product-listing-ads or some other ad-type?

are all items currently, physically, in your stock inventory?

generally, do not create any other account unless indicated to

do so by a person at google -- there are many other avenues

to solve such an issue without risking suspension or creating

other unintended consequences.

Re: Duplicate Google Merchant Account with Less Items.

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The ads will be retargeting ads that will be customized to the user based on the product they were most recently viewing.

The ads will show an image of the product as well as part of the product description.

The majority of these products are in stock.

Thank you

Re: Duplicate Google Merchant Account with Less Items.

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first, you're welcome.

the feed data should already exist outside of google --
likely as part of the inventory system; the best likely
course would be to give a copy of the inventory being
sent to google.

such a large inventory is unlikely using manual uploads --
so either ftp or a scheduled fetch could be used to simply
copy over the exact same data using the same ftp or fetch
url directly to the third party.

as a worse-case, either the existing data-feed could be
downloaded and then re-uploaded to the third-party
or similar api calls could be used to create a separate
feed directly to the third-party.

all this could be automated and there should be absolutely no
need to access any merchant-center-account by any third-party
to access the data needed for the ads.

of course, the ads themselves are a different issue altogether --
but the assumption is that those details have been worked out

among the parties involved during the consideration.

"The ads will be retargeting ads ..."
that said, a dynamic-remarketing feature currently exists --
the notion of in some way recreating this feature does not
seem all that necessary and results may not be as robust.

Re: Duplicate Google Merchant Account with Less Items.

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The retargeting platform shows ads on facebook. Google as far as I know can not do this. The retargeting service pulls its information from the Google Merchant Account.

So I think I am back to where I started on this:
1. I either need to set up a separate Google Merchant Account and only upload a smaller number of products.
2. I need the retargeting company to do some custom programming, to pull the info from another source other than the Google Merchant Account.


Re: Duplicate Google Merchant Account with Less Items.

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why would such third-party access be given to any account --
without at least considering some solution around (2) to avoid
any potential suspension issues with google? but these really
seem to be questions between you and the third-party.

Re: Duplicate Google Merchant Account with Less Items.

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I don't know what you mean about "potential suspension issues with google" please explain that.

Then if there is no other way, then custom programming by the service will be needed. When I started this conversation, they began to drag their feet, and they began to talk about higher level custom services with higher level costs.