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Does Google Shopping require all sort of links on our home page?

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We have had our google shopping account since when it was still called froogle / google base.  This week our account was suspended for the first time.  Here's what they sent us:


Omission of relevant information:
Failure to clearly and conspicuously disclose the payment methods and full expense that a user will bear before and after purchase, and disclose all related conditions before and after purchase, such as contact information, shipping information or payment methods.
For more details, please visit

Suggestions to fix this issue:

Make sure to provide users with your contact information such as email address or phone number. Please note that a contact form does not suffice. Also, make sure that your site lists all available payment methods accepted, prior to a user starting the checkout process.


We provide our email address as well as a contact form on our FAQ page, and we have the FAQ link conspicuously displayed throughout the site. 


Admittedly, we didn't list acceptable methods of payments on our shopping cart.  We accept all the major credit cards + paypal, and we thought it's just standard for all online retail sites.  Anyway, to conform, we added the payment method list on the shopping cart page as well as on all product pages (where google shopping customers land).


However, we got rejected again after we submitted for a review.  The same email was sent without any additional clarification.  I reached out to our google rep, but he hasn't responded in 3 days.  I did a live chat with the google shopping support, and he/she insisted that I need to add the following links on our home page: Contact info, Return / Refund info, Terms and Condition.  Then I can try and get the account re-submitted for a review.


I have some problems with this advice.  First, that's not what the  suspension email says.  Second, I have read Google Shopping policy and I don't recall seeing these requirements.  Third, our home page is designed to be clean.  Having all sort of links added (the support person wants us to add a footer) would just break the design of the page.  To be clear, we already have on our home page the link to the FAQ page, so it's just a click away from all the required information.


I am suspicious that this support person is just making up these additional requirements.  Any thought?  I feel that if this is true, Google shopping is essentially imposing how our site should be designed and how information / policy should be presented to our customers.

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Does Google Shopping require all sort of links on our home page?

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Please note that being flagged for 1 suspension does not mean you have followed all policy requirements. Google may not always show all violation, you will need to make sure you have read all policies and requirements. These policies also change over the years, what was ok 4 years ago is maybe not so today.


The Google Rep in the chat sounds correct, you do need to add return and refund and terms conditions links on the footer of each page.


However, we can not confirm anything as we are forum members and do not have access to your account. If you like help from the public, please provide us with your website link.


Also if you read the referenced policy linked below and in your email you received, you will notice that you do indeed need to add a refund policy page. Which is also mentioned by the Google Rep Chat person.


If providing further info to the public is not possible then continue to communicate with Google's Rep.


Hope this helps.

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