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Do you have to pay to show products in Google Shopping tab?

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Hi.  We have a client who has their products sent via a Wordpress feed to their Merchant account, but apparently they are having to pay for it.

They have an Adwords account so I assumed they were paying for that, instead of the Shopping Merchant part.

But they said they stopped the Adwords payments and since then, the products are not showing in the Shopping tab.


So is it now a paid-for service to get your products in the Google Shopping tab?  Or is it still free, and if free, why would theirs be stopped after cancelling Adwords?

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Do you have to pay to show products in Google Shopping tab?

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google-shopping shows only paid shopping-ads --

the payment to google is per-click; pay-per-click.


yes, the merchant-center must be linked to an active,

funded, ad-account with a shopping-campaign -- all

submitted inventory items are funneled into the linked

ad-account and then google attempts to match each

item into a product-group, to be assigned a bid.


there is no charge to use the merchant-center-account --

the merchant-center-account is primarily used to submit

a list of current, on-hand, physical inventory, for use in

the shopping-campaign.


google-shopping is a highly competitive, dynamic, auction --

items show based mainly on the bid and quality factors;

only items with enough quality and a high enough bid,

to win a slot in the ad-auctions, may be seen.


google-shopping has not been free for quite awhile.


as an aside, the user (client) must be physically located

in the same country as the registered-feed's country and

the country being targeted within the shopping-campaign,

to see any ads; generally, only use impression statistics

within the ad-account, not live searches, to determine if

shopping-ads are being seen.


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