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Do tools exist that automatically integrate marketplaces with google shopping?

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Have clients that sell on different marketplaces that would likely to more easily connect to Adwords / Google Shopping to run campaigns from sites like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and Bonanza?

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January 2017

Do tools exist that automatically integrate marketplaces with google shopping?

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generally, each marketplace venue has their own internal tools to connect
seller's inventory to various advertising platforms, such as google-shopping.

as to tools to help submit a seller's inventory from multiple venues, and

importantly perhaps -- merchants listing their item-offers from multiple
venues or multiple websites is a policy violation and grounds for such
item-offers to be be assigned very low quality, removed from the auctions
altogether, disapproval, or suspension from the program, at any time --
regardless of how or what tools are used to submit the same or similar
inventory as shopping-ads.


physical inventory may be submitted only once, regardless of venue --

and is otherwise considered gaining an unfair advantage as shopping-ads

and therefore an abuse of google's ad-network.

the best likely course is to select only one, single, marketplace venue or site
to submit items as shopping-ads; then, possibly, use other venues to advertise
using different campaign-types or different ad-platforms.

as to helping different clients submit their inventory from different

venues the best likely course would be to contact each marketplace

or to use (google) search to help locate such cross-platform tools --

the guidelines for this community-forum do not allow for promotional

content, to promote specific products or services, or asking for or

offering to help outside of the community.