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Do Seller Ratings (Seller Reviews) impact Ad Rank in Shopping?

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With Google showing Seller Ratings and Product Ratings in Google Shopping, i'm wondering how much these factors impact the Ad Rank.


I can imagine an indirect effect coming from better CTR and, if used correctly on the lander, better landing page experience, thus increasing QS etc.

However i'm not excluding the possibility there might even be a direct influence?


Has anyone tested this?


NB: Google seems to prefer the label Seller Reviews for Seller Ratings in Shopping, not sure why though...

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Re: Do Seller Ratings (Seller Reviews) impact Ad Rank in Shopping?

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Hi Boeli,

I noticed that no one had responded to you yet. I believe that Product Ratings on Google Shopping have a positive impact on Ad Rank. Google AdWords explains the Ad Rank calculation as:

"The main components of your Ad Rank are your bids and the quality of your ads and website. We also incorporate the expected impact from your extensions and other ad formats when computing your Ad Rank."

Traditionally the formula has been Bid x Quality Score. The problem with Google Shopping campaigns is that there is no explicit quality score provided for products or product groups. However, there is an implicit quality score that likely uses very similar factors with CTR being one of the most important.

I have been told by a number of Google reps that adding Product Ratings to Google Shopping ads will increase CTR by about 10% (varies depending on the actual rating and competition). If CTR rises then implicit quality score rises, and thus ad rank will improve.

Hope this helps,
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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