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Do I need multiple accounts?

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I'd like to make a website where the Customer can select from multiple boutiques(merchants) to make the purchase with.

The boutiques can have different prices and different stocks for the same product.

I'd like to have only 1 URL for a product, because their is no reason to duplicate the content.


How should I connect my website with Google Shopping in this case?

I can't make multiple accounts, because I only have 1 URL for the product.

Can I just send 1 feed and send the lowest available price for example? 

Thank you for the answers in advance,

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Re: Do I need multiple accounts?

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having different merchants selling products

under a single site is a marketplace use-case.

do not open multiple accounts or this will likely
eventually trigger multiple disapprovals and a
permanent suspension from the program for

all related accounts.

rather, a multi-client-account is required.

then, the site must follow all marketplace
related rules, requirements, and policies.

details are currently under marketplaces, here --

Re: Do I need multiple accounts?

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Hi Celebird,

Thank you for the quick answer!

So am I right, that in this case I need multiple URLs for the same product?

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Re: Do I need multiple accounts?

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first, you're welcome.

yes, each merchant typically gets their own
separate section and url in the marketplace,
under the same top-level domain, regardless
of what is sold -- ebay is the exemplar.

of course, if the merchants were selling the same
similar product, they would compete more directly
against each other in the ad auctions -- there is no
guarantee that both would win in the auctions and
be shown.