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Do I have to pay per click once listed in the product feed?

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Hi, I'm considering using the Google Merchant Center for one of my clients websites. However before I go ahead I need to know:


  1. Once listed on the feed will my client have to pay per click? if so I guess I'll need to setup Adwords for the client?
  2. What are the technical requirements (apart from the actual feed) such as - does the website need to have an SSL Certificate?

I can find loads of info about the policies and the feed but nothing about the cost or the technical requirements. I'd be using Wordpress / Woocommerce with a plugin so the feed should be fine already



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Re: Do I have to pay per click once listed in the product feed?

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(1a) yes, payment is per-click;

product-listing-ads are determined by
an auction, so the costs are not fixed --

a budget-setting constrains the spend.

results in the ad-auctions depend on the bid and quality.

(1b) billing is usually decided first and then, whoever
is paying the bills to google should own the account.

if a third-party is handling the account for a client then,
account-ownership and account-management can be,
and usually are, separate -- either linked via the mcc
(manager) account or simply added as a user to the
client's account.

of course, that is not the only choice and third-parties can pay
google and handle collection from the client; e.g. via invoicing.

(2) google does not require https/ssl unless data-collection happens
on the website -- for example, if any and all data collection (address,
name, email, credit-card, etc.) and the entire payment-flow happens
on a secure third-party payment gateway then, ssl is not required on
the client's website.

each landing-page should contain a single item-offer with
a product image, a single price, and a single add-to-cart
button that adds the exact item-offer to a shopping-cart --
by default -- without pop-ups or similar obstructions.

each landing-page must also have return-and-refund policies --

shipping and merchant-contact information are also required --
typically, as clear and obvious links on the website's footer.

the retail merchant is also required to keep all in
stock items in their on-hand physical inventory.

generally, there are policies for the supply-chain, physical inventory,
site, landing-page, e-commerce, payment-flow, and submitted data.

additional rules, policies, requirements, specifications,
recommendations, and guidelines, are currently here --

Re: Do I have to pay per click once listed in the product feed?

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Wow thanks Celebird, you've definitely answered all my questions.

Thanks so much! Smiley Happy

Re: Do I have to pay per click once listed in the product feed?

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you're welcome and thank you for the kind words.