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Dispproved products on price evem though price is correct

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Hi there,


I am really hoping someone can help me with this. 


We run a magento based website and use the Wyomind simple shopping extension which generates our data feeds automatically. This has always worked well. 


Recently we have numerous products disapproved due to the price not matching. These are always sale products and according to our merchant centre our data feed is correctly submitting the regular price and sale price but it says the price on our website is the regular price. However the price on our website is at the correct sale price so why suddenly is Google not recognising this?


I hope you can help.


Many thanks



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Re: Dispproved products on price evem though price is correct

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sale_price overrides price.

be certain that the sale_price on the landing-page
is the only price displayed on the link landing-page
and matches the exact item being sold.

also, if the feed is for the u.k. -- be certain that the
sale_price in the feed, the only price displayed on

the link landing-page, and the default add-to-cart
price, all match and all include vat.

if there are multiple prices on the page for the item
then the sale_price must be the most prominent --
google is the final arbiter of prominent.

also, if automated-item-updates are enabled within
the account then, microdata should be working on
the website landing-page and include sale_price
and vat information that matches the displayed
and feed information.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data
or account -- but a support specialist may be contacted directly.

Re: Dispproved products on price evem though price is correct

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Hi there,

Thank you for the reply.

There are only two prices on the landing page, the original price with a slash through it and the sale price. The sale price is clearly the price the product is now listed as (like any sale product on any other website there is a "was" and "now")

The sale price matches that of the feed sale price, just as the original price matches that on the feed original price. The add to cart price matches this also.

We do not use automatic updates.

An example of a landing page where the price is apparently not matching is:

The £309 is clearly the sale price. Our feed submits both the original £349 and the sale £309. google merchant centre shows it reads these two prices on our feed but it says our website is listed at £349. The link above shows this clearly not the case.

I have contacted google several days ago and heard nothing.

Based on the above info, can you please suggest what the issue is?

Kind Regards


Re: Dispproved products on price evem though price is correct

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first, you're welcome.

are automatic-item-updates enabled in the account?

also, there seem to be three (3) prices on that page, not two.


also, what is the exact feed entry for that item?


importantly, google's microdata testing-tool seems to be showing 349

as the current price for that item -- if microdata is used on the website

then, the microdata, the submitted data, the displayed data, and the

default add-to-cart data, must all match exactly, at all times, and must

all adhere to all google's rules and policies.


see also


Re: Dispproved products on price evem though price is correct

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Thanks again for the reply.

Automatic item updates are disabled.

The third price you might be referring to is the rrp but this is in the item description, not the price section and I do not believe this is the cause of the issue. In that landing page example, Google is saying the price is £349 when it is clearly £309 on sale and this is what our data feed says.

Reading the info on the link you provided:

If you are submitting the 'sale price' attribute and do not also submit the 'sale price effective date' attribute, the 'sale price' will be used for your item.

- we do not use sale price effective date attribute so according to the above, the sale price will be used. But Google isn't recognising it on our landing page.

You must still include the 'price' attribute in your feed, which should reflect the non-sale price (price for which you usually sell the item) displayed on your product landing pages.
Our policies require you to clearly display both non-sale and sale prices on your landing pages. The sale price must be lower than the non-sale price.

- we do supply both prices in the feed and both are clearly displayed on our website. The sale price is of course lower than the non-sale price.

It appears like we are doing all the right things and yet google is not recognising the sale price on our website.