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Displaying products in many countries

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HI there


I am new to Merchant Center and need some advice


We have Merchant Center set up and run Google AdWords in 2 countries UK and US


Can we display / promote our products in these two countries with one Merchant Center or we need

separate accounts for each country ?


Please advice


Thank you




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September 2015

Re: Displaying products in many countries

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Hi @John D


Yes, you can target two locations from one Google Merchant Center account, however you are required to have two feeds registered within this account. Each targetting one country only.


Only one target location can be used per registered DataFeed. 


Each registered datafeed must adhere to the specifications/policy for each country.


You must ensure your landing page matches the feeds, currency, language etc. or the target location and all prices include any necessary VAT. 


ID must be unique to each feed, as a duplicate ID, even if found in another registered data feed within your account, will cause the first instance of this ID to be overwritten.


For instance 


Registered Feed 1 - DatafeedUSA.txt - ID- 123USA - ITEM1 

Registered Feed 2 - DatafeedUK.txt - ID - 123UK - ITEM1



Re: Displaying products in many countries

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Hi Tom

Thank you for your help